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I've always enjoyed books, and find them much easier to digest than page upon page of on-line material.  I've been writing book and conference reviews for many years, offering rare peer review in the alternative knowledge field.  My book reviews are set firmly upon two main pillars: 

Firstly, I actually read the book.

Secondly. I present an honest evaluation of the book, based purely on my opinion of its relative merits, or shortcomings. 


I also highlight information in the book that ties in with my own research interests.  I hope that these reviews prove to be thought-provoking articles in their own right, enabling the reader to get a concise yet deep insight into the subject in question.  Where possible, I have provided Amazon links to easily locate your chosen book on-line.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I have divided the reviews listed here into sections by subject (then by title).  Or you can search by author by clicking through the link at the bottom of the page. 


Enjoy your reading!

Andy Lloyd


Ufology and Conspiracy


'Above Top Secret'


'A.D. After Disclosure'


'Alien Interface'


"Alien Mind"


"Alien Rock"




'Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind'




'Countdown to Oblivion'




'Does it Rain in Other Dimensions?'


'Fact, Fiction and Flying Saucers'


'Flying Saucers and Science'


'Flying Saucers over the White House'


'For Nobody's Eyes Only'


'Inside the Real Area 51'


"Keep Out!"


'Life in the Universe'


'Mind Wars'


 'Need to Know'


'Proof of Extraterrestrial Intelligence'


'Psi Spies'


'Set Your Phaser to Stun'


'Sky People'


'The Alien Abduction Files'


'The Allies of Humanity'


'The Andreasson Affair'


"The Aztec UFO Incident"


'The Children of Roswell'


'The Pyramids and the Pentagon'


'The Real Men in Black'


'The Roswell Legacy'


'The Starchild Skull'


'The UFO Singularity'


'The Universe Speaks'


'UFOs and Aliens'


'UFOs and Nukes'


'UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message'


'UFOs: God's Chariots?'


'UFOs: The Secret Evidence'


'Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon'


'Wild Things They Don't Tell Us'


'Witness to Roswell'


Planet X / Nibiru


'The Dark Star' Review by Rob Solàrion


'The Dark Star' Review by Greg Jenner


'Dark Star' Western Daily Press Article


'Osiris, Isis and Planet X'


'Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide'


'Seven Mountains and the Red Star'


'The End of Days'


'The Lost Book of Enki'


'There Were Giants Upon the Earth'


'The Nefilim'


'Winged Disc'


Ancient Aliens


'Aliens in Celtic History and Legend'


'Bloodline of the Gods'


'Evidence of the Gods'


'History is Wrong'


'Immortality of the Gods'


'Lost Secrets of the Gods'


'Remnants of the Gods'


'Temples of the African Gods'


'The Ancient Alien Question'


'The Gods Never Left Us'


'The Secret History of the Reptilians'


'The Sagan Conspiracy'


'The Yahweh Encounters'


'Twilight of the Gods'


'We Are Not Alone in the Universe'


Mysteries et al


'Ancient Treasures'


'Ancient Giants of the Americas'


'History's Mysteries'


'Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past'




'Monster Files'


'On The Edge of Reality'


'Out of Place in Time and Space'


'The Exodus Reality'


'The Lost Civilization Enigma'


'The Lost Colonies of Ancient America'


'The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology'


'The Lost Worlds of Ancient America'


'The Slenderman Mysteries'


'The Star of the Magi'


'The World's Weirdest Places'


'Viral Mythology'


Occult and Esoteric


'A Deed Without a Name'


'A Haunted Mind'


'American Vampires'


'Conscious Ink'


"Dogged Days"


'Hidden Secrets of "Many, but One"


'In These Signs Conquer'


'Living in the Matrix'


'Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms'


'Man-Made Monsters'


'Mirror of the Free'


'Nostradamus, Bibliomancer'



'Pagan Dreaming'




'The Circle of Initiates, Past and Present'


'The Last Bastion'


'The Master Game'


'The United Symbolism of America'


'Traditional Witchcraft and the Path to the Mysteries'


'Traditional Witchcraft for the Seashore'


'The Three Dangerous Magi'


'Werewolves' by Dr. Bob Curran


'Witchcraft into the Wilds'


'Yesterday's Children'




Ghosts and Mediums


Derek Acorah: Lecture and Book Review


'Encyclopedia of Haunted Places'


'Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah'


'Ghosts, Spirits, & Hauntings'


'Haunted Spaces, Sacred Places'


'It was a Dark and Creepy Night'


'Jim Harold's Campfire: True Ghost Stories'


'The Ghost Studies'


'The Haunted House Diaries'


'The Haunting of Asylum 49'


'The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah'


'The World's Creepiest Places'


'The World's Most Haunted Hospitals'


UFO Scepticism


'Cracks in the Great Wall'




'The Alien Deception'


'The Song of the Greys'


Science and Cosmology


'An Enlightened Philosophy'


'Cosmic Conversations'


'Darker Stars'


'Destiny vs. Choice'


"Science was Wrong"


'Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions'


'The Archetype of the Number'


'The Déjà Vu Enigma'


'The Choice' by Mike Bara


'The New Genesis'


'The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing'


'The Purpose-Guided Universe'


'The Resonance Key'


'The Way of the Explorer'


'The Planets'


'This Book is From the Future'


Motivational Literature and Spirituality


'A Call from Heaven'


'Activate Joy'


'Beyond the Rainbow'




'Between Now and When'


'Happiness Genes'


'Instant Healing'


'Making Your Wisdom Come Alive'


'Manual for Living: Reality'


'Open Your Heart to the Magic of Love'


'Rain Drops of Love for a Thirsty World'


'Sustainable Wellness'


'The Alchemy of Self Healing'


'The Book of Transformation'


'The Oneness Blessing'


'The Path of Energy'


'The Power of Chakras'


'The Unfoldment'


'Think and Grow Rich'


'Your Ultimate Life Plan'


Fiction and Miscellaneous


'2012 - Biography of a Time Traveler'




'Aliens in my Garden'


'Capital in the 21st Century'


'Carrots, Elves and Aliens'


'Cloud Atlas'


'Ezekiel One'


'The Followers of Horus'


'Grendel's Mother'


'Granny Boo'


'It wasn't me'


'Jubilee Year'




'Mind Reader'




'Reclaiming Civilization'


'The Alchemists of Barbal'


'The Awakening Artist'


'The Lost Symbol'


'The Mushroom Club'


'The Yogi Footballer'


DVD  and Gigs Review


Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)




Sick 'N' Beautiful


'The Great Year'



Conference reviews and Dark Star lectures


Rome Planet X Conferences


Worcester ASSAP Conferences


Reg Presley 2003


Lloyd Pye 2003


Jean Kelford, Medium


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Written by Andy Lloyd, author of 'The Dark Star' (2005), 'Ezekiel One' (2009), 'The Followers of Horus' (2010) and 'Darker Stars' (2018)


A testimonial about these book reviews:

"I read many of your reviews, in particular those abut Ufology etc and enjoyed them all. I found your reviews fair without being condescending.  They retain a reservation but not an ignorance of the subjects nor the conclusions, as such they were both informative and enjoyable to read.  I am about to move on to read your own volumes and look forward to it.  Please keep up the good work.  With thanks"    Charles



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