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The Dark Star website explores the existence of an additional, massive planet in our solar system.  It is usually referred to as Planet X.  More recently, astronomers and astrophysicists have begun to name this putative object 'Planet Nine'.   Other ideas about Planet X are derived are less scientific.  They focus upon references made in various mythical writings to rogue gods and fabled worlds.  This website predominantly explores the science behind Planet X, but is also open to other lines of enquiry, particularly regarding the ancient celestial phenomenon known as Nibiru.  


The Dark Star Theory considers whether a binary failed star may be orbiting our Sun at a great distance.  This binary object is a sub-brown dwarf, probably several Jupiter-masses in size.  It occupies the mysterious realm between planet and brown dwarf star.  This Dark Star may be the cause of many effects on our solar system.  It can explain a wealth of anomalies in the outer solar system - particularly in the distant Kuiper Belt.  The scientific evidence is solid enough, which has been explored in detail in the popular 2005 title 'The Dark Star'.  The author is currently writing a popular science book about Planet X, which will explore many of the remarkable developments which have taken place over the last few years. Planet X may be the key player in cosmic catastrophism, particularly during the early life of the solar system.  Even now, it may play an unseen, but vital role, in our solar system's dynamics.


It is also possible that the Dark Star plays an important part in our own history.  Because this object emits heat, and perhaps a small amount of dim light,  it is capable of warming and nurturing its own planetary system.  It follows that the Dark Star's planetary system would be capable of supporting complex life right on our cosmic doorstep.  Potentially, this sub-brown dwarf is part of a much bigger picture - one involving a whole new cosmic paradigm. 

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Andy Lloyd  


Andy Lloyd has written four books about Planet X: 

'The Dark Star' was published in 2005.  

It provides a detailed and thorough account of his original research into the subject of Nibiru

Andy Lloyd's debut novel 'Ezekiel One' (2009) explores the presence of Anunnaki in our modern world.

It's a fast-moving conspiracy thriller.

The sequel 'The Followers of Horus' followed in 2010.

It took up the story in a sci-fi format - bridging our world and theirs.

Andy Lloyd's latest non-fiction title substantially updates what is currently known about Planet X.  

'Darker Stars' was published in 2019. 

It provides an unofficial and critical biography of 'Planet Nine'. 

In addition, the book explores related mysteries and anomalies in the solar system. 


Andy Lloyd has reviewed over 120 Alternative Knowledge books:



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In 2008, 'The Dark Star' was translated into German and published by Kopp Verlag.


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