Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah


by Derek Acorah

Subtitled "Star of TV's "Most Haunted""

Element, 2005

ISBN  978-0007183487



Ghost-hunting is very popular in the U.K. at the moment, in no small part due to the pioneering work of Derek Acorah.  His books could be seen as a spin-off from this TV shows, including 'Most Haunted'.  Derek Acorah's writing style creates a more positive feel to this though.  His gentle charm pervades the book, soothing your passage through tales of ghosts and spirits and things that go bump in the night.  I think this is Derek's best book so far. 

His introduction to ghost-hunting includes helpful advice, and a list of kit to take with you to whatever old mansion/graveyard/haunted house you're visiting tonight.  He describes the types of manifestation which are commonly experienced.  It's a bit like a "Ghost-busting 101" course.  After a while, the book takes on a more familiar feel, with stories from Derek's own personal experience.  At this point a selection of photographic plates would have been a nice addition to the book; of Derek out and about, of paranormal phenomena, of his times on his various TV shows. 

But even without photos, one can get a considerable insight into Derek's world.  He writes clearly and informally, giving you the feeling that you're reading a letter (or e-mail!) from an old friend, rather than a celebrity TV personality.  This makes the stories of ghosts and spirits that bit more believable, because naturally enough you would pay more attention to a ghost story related to you by a friend or relative rather than a total stranger. 

Towards the end of the book Derek discusses parts of Britain which are 'most haunted'.  At this point the book becomes less personal, and more encyclopaedic in content.  This change seems to reflect a general trend in Derek's literary forays.  His first book is almost entirely introspective; an introduction to the life and times of the man himself.  His second book then moves through his later experiences psychic adventures, as he works with his mediumistic abilities to help members of the public.  This third book looks to a broader panorama, concentrating on introducing others to the art of ghost-hunting.  If the trend continues then you can expect his fourth book to examine ghost stories from around Britain, with much less emphasis on Derek's own personal encounters.

In this spectrum of psychic encounters, I think this book captures the best mix of anecdotes, stories, personal insights and advice for budding ghost-hunters, all accompanied by Derek's humour and gentle manner.  It's the next best thing to your own spirit guide. 


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