Darker Stars


by Andy Lloyd

Subtitled "New Evidence - The Scope of Our Growing Solar System, Planet X, Invisible Planetoids, Gas Giants, Comets, Planet Nine, and More…"

Timeless Voyager Press, 2018

ISBN 978-1892264558



'Darker Stars' explores the often contentious subject of Planet X in detail.  

In this all-new non-fiction book, author Andy Lloyd carefully examines the case for "Planet 9" (the scientific re-branding of Planet X in 2016).

He then considers how a Planet X object might have formed, and how its current environment in interstellar space might be helping it to remain hidden from our telescopes.

With over 100 images, 500+ references and an extensive index, 'Darker Stars' offers a robust yet challenging view of the outer solar system.


"This is a highly informative, comprehensive, and accessible book and it makes a good case for Planet X and many undiscovered objects in the new solar system. It is also a treasure trove of outer solar system information. The author does a lot of speculating , but provides supporting rationale and some evidence. Well worth the read."  *****



The book is 376 pages long, and is published by Timeless Voyager Press in both paperback and Kindle format. 


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