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Image credit: Andy Lloyd


Original Dark Star Theory Article (Feb 2000) (ds1)


The Astronomical Case for the Dark Star (ds2)


Is Anyone Even Looking?  (ds2a)


Nibiru, Carl Sagan and Voyager 1 (ds5)


Planet X Before and After 2012


Hunt for Planet X


Is this Nibiru?  Candidate object from IRAS database


New Speculation about Nibiru's Orbit


Our Binary System


The Dark Star and Mass Extinctions


Planet X Video and 'Waiting for the Apocalypse'


Planet X in 2003 (Not!), and the strange case of Valery Uvarov


Dark Star and Nibiru 2004


Sagittarius and the S.P.T.


William Bourne's 'Guest Star' Hypothesis


A Vision of the Dark Star


Dark Star News Archive 2012-14


Dark Star News Archive 2010-11


Dark Star News Archive 2009-10


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