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Original Dark Star Theory Article (Feb 2000) (ds1)


The Astronomical Case for the Dark Star (ds2)


Is Anyone Even Looking?  (ds2a)


Nibiru: The Solution


Nibiru, Carl Sagan and Voyager 1 (ds5)


The Dark Star's IBEX Footprint


Planet X Before and After 2012


Hunt for Planet X


Nibiru? Candidate object from IRAS database


Microsoft Worldwide Telescope Anomaly


Anomalies on Google Sky and Earth


Planet X from the South Pole


The Dark Star Whistleblower


Barnard's Star and the Dark Star Connection


The Phantom Planet


Our Binary System


Dark Star's Cosmic Ray Bombardment


The Dark Star and Mass Extinctions


Planet X Video and 'Waiting for the Apocalypse'


Planet X and the Russians


Dark Star and Nibiru 2004


The Dark Star in Mexico?


William Bourne's 'Guest Star' Hypothesis


A Vision of the Dark Star


Dark Star Blog 2006-7


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