¿La Estrella Oscura en México?


Estimado Andy; Gracias por responder mi correo  -  Te envío esta fotografías tomadas en el mes de Mayo 2011, en Monterrey México, fueron tomadas de manera casual por mi hija, con su teléfono Mobil, a mi hija lo que le llamo la atención fueron las formas de las nubes, pero cuando me mostró las fotografías, de inmediato me percate de que junto al Sol, se observa algo más, de acuerdo a tus teorías de la estrella oscura y también de acuerdo a las tablillas sumerias, creo que se trata de la presencia del planeta de los antiguos llamado NIBIRU.


Según Sitchin, la vuelta de este planeta es cada 3,600 años, se supone que ingreso a nuestro sistema solar desde el 2003 y que será visible en algunas partes del mundo desde el 2010.


En Internet circulan fotografías de Indonesia, China y Australia, y creo que son las Primeras que se captan en México.

  Escrito por Dr. R. Rodríguez, Monterrey NL. México




Correspondence received on 24th March 2015, from Dr R. Rodriguez:

"I write again from Monterrey Mexico, not if you remember me, I will send the pictures to your article entitled: The Dark Star in Mexico? written by Dr. R. Rodriguez, and it's been several years since then but have you news, Nibiru already here and have proof, I sent you a picture taken from a webcam and lo and behold there it is right in the sun, like your SABS is not visible.  At first glance because the luminous intensity of the sun is not possible but a camera with a special filter if captured.  Hope you can post time is shortened."

Dr R. Rodriguez


Hi Rene,

This one is definitely a lens flare, Rene - you can see how is stands out against the clouds behind.  But it does have something of a luminous quality about it.  

Andy Lloyd


The following two rather stunning images were supplied to me by Dr Rodriguez, which he obtained from public city cameras in Mexico.  These images are thought to have been taken in Guadalajara, Jalisco on or around 10th May 2015.  I reprint the comments and links he has forwarded to me, which I believe have been taken from 'The Lost Prophecy' website:


"This one single photo “GIF”; 163 frames  at 200 ms, 23 MB, and 3 hours of work and observation, covering the sun rises an hour after nemesis. This clearly states that Nemesis, aka 2nd sun, is closer to earth than the sun; as it appears in the sky first, and it doesn’t last long cause it’s still floating under the surface of the ecliptic; and it will for little more than a month before it pinch it’s way up to flip flipping earth’ magnetic poles along with it, 45 degrees. causing sunrise west."




"See magnetic interaction between the two suns, they get along well; for now, until 2nd Sun changes mind, I mean poles, next month; expectedly, not hopefully."