A Vision of the Dark Star


On occasion, I receive correspondence setting out vivid dreams or visions that may have a connection with my Dark Star research. The dreams are often profoundly felt, causing the experiencer to research subjects never considered by them before.  Upon landing upon the ideas expressed in the Dark Star Theory, the experiencer takes the bold move of writing down their vision or dream, and asking my opinion about it. 


The following is one such experience, which actually takes the form of a number of visions and dreams over a long period of time, of a celestial object which appears to relate to an incoming sub-brown dwarf, or blazing Planet X/Nibiru body.  Here, in his own words, is Leigh's story:


Hi, Andy

What with all the interest in all things Nibiru I have decided to share here my experiences I had as a child. Maybe others have had similar experiences...

I'm not sure exactly when but I estimate I was between 9 & 10 years of age - I'm now nearly 40. This vision came to me several times over a few months - I'm unsure exactly how many times or for how long - maybe over the course of a few months. 

I would be lying in bed at night settling down for sleep - I was not asleep, & this was not a dream, I'm certain. There was a distinct 'physical' feeling to this experience & I was in some degree of waking consciousness - perhaps a little sleepy.  I would find myself (seeing from a view of 1st person) suspended in space someway above the earth - I could clearly see the earth below - about a third of the curvature/circumference so to speak.


Ahead & slightly above me, in the near distance, was a huge spherical mass 'rolling' towards me as a ball rolls on the ground.  The mass was dark brown or black & glowing slightly with a deep red in places - the surface looked quite rough but uniform.  There were feelings & mental messages accompanied with this vision.  The feeling was that of this object being of an unimaginable density - a very oppressive feel to it - it made me feel scared. The message that I 'felt' was that this was a warning & it was something about the future.

Another important part of this vision was that to the right & in the distance in mid-space I always saw what seemed to be 2 atomic explosions shown as the typical 'mushroom-cloud' appearance. The message here was that "You can stop the small ones, but this (the rolling mass) absolutely cannot be stopped". I've come to think that perhaps there were smaller 'objects' that were being destroyed by bombs - hence this part of the message. The vision ended there with me coming back to 'normal' consciousness, feeling slightly panicked & confused as to what was happening to me.

One time, I even had to get up & tell my mum that something was trying to crush me - she comforted me as you would expect & reassured me by pointing to the ceiling saying "look, nothing's there".  I remember feeling very frustrated at this - knowing she didn't understand what was going on & knowing I couldn't articulate what it was I was experiencing. I never saw past this point in the vision, so have no idea of where the immense, dense, rolling 'rock/fireball' ended up or of any outcome.


These visions stopped & after sometime - again, I'm not sure how long - I started to have recurring dreams.  These I'm sure were dreams because they just felt that way. I have experienced regular vivid dreams throughout my life & usually remember my dreams on waking.

In these recurring dreams it felt like what I imagined at that time to be hell. I was on the surface of the Earth in a 'random' place outside in a neighbourhood somewhere I didn't recognise.  The sky was 'coming down', a roof of thick black clouds with what seemed a glow behind them.  There were several black/red glowing rocks the size of footballs - maybe bigger - raining down from the clouds & pelting the Earth.  Just in front of me was a high wooden panelled fence - too high for me to see over, & it stretched away as far as I could see.  I felt in this dream that I must stay on my side of the fence & get away from it quickly & I would be ok....

The dreams stayed for a while & like the visions left me again - perhaps within the space of a year.

Another weird thing about this - when I was 21 years of age I was in a local nightclub & had just started to sip on my first pint of beer.  A classmate from my school, whom I hadn't seen for 5 years, ambled over & we exchanged niceties/small-talk for a minute (we were not close friends at school & I'd never discussed my experiences with anyone, except when I had sought my mother for comfort one night).  After we finished the usual small-talk, he suddenly went on to describe 'something that he had been feeling' - can't remember the exact words, but he went on to describe almost exactly what I've been describing above about the rolling mass!  He looked at me levelly, said "what's that all about?", and left without saying goodbye!

I asked myself if that had just happened & thought - I must look deeper into the meaning of this, but being more interested in the pursuits of a young man I disregarded what happened. It was only 2 years ago when I started looking on the net about UFO sightings etc that I stumbled upon videos about Planet X/Nibiru etc...when I first encountered these videos/research, again I was left feeling open mouthed/speechless: "Surely not, it cant be!" were my initial thoughts. I have remembered these profound experiences since they happened & can invoke the same feelings of oppressiveness if I concentrate.

It seems something important is going to happen & I thought I'd share my experience here as it seems to bear some resemblance to what's being researched.




Reproduced here with kind permission


Written by Andy Lloyd, 30 June 2011

author of 'The Dark Star' (2005), 'Ezekiel One' (2009), 'The Followers of Horus' (2010) and 'Darker Stars' (2019)


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