Andy Lloyd

        Occupation:    Science and maths tutor, Planet X researcher, author, artist


Andy Lloyd Godlee Observatory

        Age:               53

        Nationality:     English

        Education:      BSc (Hons) (First Class Honours) in Chemistry, University of Lancaster (1989)

                              Post-Graduate Studies at University of California, San Diego (1990)

                              Registered General Nurse (1994)

                              Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice, University of Gloucestershire (2019)

                              Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2019)

                              Royal Society of Chemistry Scholar (2019-20)

                              Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Bristol, (2020)

                              Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) (2020)

        Status:           Married with 2 sons






                          "Winged Disc: The Dark Star Theory" 2001, Unpublished Manuscript


                         "The New Conspiracy Reader"  2004 (Ed. Al Hiddell/Joan d'Arc). Kensington NY


                        "The Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence" , 2005,Timeless Voyager Press


                        'Dunkelstern' A German Translation of 'Dark Star', 2008, Kopp-Verlag



                        'Ezekiel One'  A Novel, 2009, Timeless Voyager Press


                        'The Followers of Horus'  The second Dark Star novel, 2010, Timeless Voyager Press


                        'Darker Stars' 2018, Timeless Voyager Press


                        Andy Lloyd and Simon Chippendale (2019) "Person-Centred Care" (Chapter 2) in Elcock, K. et al (Eds) "Essentials of Nursing Adults" (2019)                         London: SAGE



Magazine Articles:


                        Fortean Times (UK) July 2010

                        UFO Matrix Magazine (UK) July 2010

                        German Nexus Magazine Autumn 2008

                        UFO Magazine (UK):  Aug 2001, Nov/Dec 2002, Jan 2004

                        Paranoia Magazine (USA):  Spr 2001, Win 2002, Spr 2002

                        Spr 2003, Spr 2005, Spr 2006, Fall 2008

                        "Australasian Ufologist" Magazine, Australia, June 2005 (Vol 9, no2)





                        The Dark Star Theory

                        Cosmic Conspiracies


                        Andy's showcase for art and artists in Gloucestershire 




Radio Appearances:   

                        'Coast-to-Coast am with George Noory'- 3 shows:







                        'Project Camelot' 17th May 2019

                        'Project Camelot' 22nd March 2015          

                        'Project Camelot' 11th May 2011

                        'Moncrieff' on Ireland's NewsTalk 13th July 2012



                        Whistleblower Radio 7-9pm, 4th June 2010:



                        Red Ice Creations (2007 & 2011), free MP3 Downloads of the interviews:





                        'Dark Matter with Michael Parker  

                        Aquarian Radio's "We The Anunnaki" with Dr Sasha Lessin and Janet Lessin:






                        The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell

                        KnightZone Radio in Canada, 2010 & 2011



                        'Cut to the Chase' with Marshall Masters

                        Esoteric Discussions with Valentine St Aubyn, Peterborough FM

                        Bob Bain's 'Farside Podcast'



                        Whispers Radio  

                        'Now That's Weird' with Ross Hemsworth

                        The Hilly Rose Show

                        'Mysterious West' with Geoff Ward of the Western Daily Press

                        'The American Awakening' with Michael Herzog

                        Fri., September 19, 2008: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3s: Hr1 Hr2 )


                        BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Gloucestershire on several occasions, and Star Radio in Cheltenham

                        Liverpool's Radio City station Sunday 21st & 27th May 2012, 21st October 2012

                        Liverpool Hope Radio



TV & Documentary Appearances:

                          "Anunnaki, Origins of Man" DVD 2014

                          Project Camelot 'Elenin' Roundtable Video Conference 2012

                          Sri Lankan NewsFirst TV 2012

                          "Weird or What?" Series 2, Episode 10, Canadian History Channel, 2011

                          The Kevin Moore Show 2011:


                          'Cosmic Conspiracies' Ghost-hunters Pilot 2010

                          Project Camelot 2010

                          Romanian TV Interview 2009

                          'On The Edge' EMTV 2009

                          'Now THAT'S Weird' EMTV, 2008

                          'Planet X Video Part 2', 2003

                          'Waiting for the Apocalypse', 2003


Life at a Glance:

        I was christened in an asylum as a baby 1968

        Took my first steps the same day Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon 1969

        My Dad is a prominent Freemason (four times Grand Rank) - my step-father was a Catholic Priest

        Hiking out of Wailau Valley, alone, Molokai 1989

        Graduated from Lancaster University with a First

        Won a scholarship to study for a PhD in Organic Chemistry at UCSD

        Gave a talk on Alchemy to graduate chemistry class, California 1990

        Lost my voice completely on the day I got married, 1992

        'Zen and the Art of Crisp Packet Folding' video 1994

        Painted wall mural in our nursery that featured on TV news 1997

        First magazine publication 1999

        Ran a Playgroup (!) and got an outstanding Ofsted

        Had my first Dark Star book published in 2005

        Guest on Coast-to-Coast Radio on three occasions 2008/09

        Became a published novelist in 2009 and again in 2010

        Keynote Speaker at Planet X conference in Rome 2009 and again in 2012

        A commercial German mosaic company based a mosaic on one of my paintings 'Woman Bathing' 2011 

        Appeared on William Shatner's 'Weird or What' TV Show 2011

        Chairman of Cheltenham's 'Art in the Park' 2014 - present

        Re-entered academic life as a Lecturer in Nursing at the University of Gloucestershire, 2016

        First publication in nursing literature, 2019





Music:              Mastodon, Opeth, Gojira, Lamb of God, Them Crooked Vultures, Alice in Chains                  


    "From the frozen waters,
    The King will rise again,
    With 2 Suns in the sky"
    Bruce Dickinson

     Nightwish Gigs September 2005 and 2008


T.V.                        Friday Night Dinner, Inspector Montalbano

Authors:                    Zecharia Sitchin, Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Nick Redfern,

                               Lloyd Pye, Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, Stanton Freidman,

                               Dennis Bardens, Timothy Good, Gore Vidal

Films:                      Brazil, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Pulp Fiction

Hobbies:                 Playing classical and Spanish guitar

Sport:                      Playing Football & Poker; Rugby;

                               Watching Gloucester  from 'The Shed' at Kingsholm  


Family Links:           John the D.J. in London:


Andy Lloyd, Dave Cosnette and Martin Cosnette

The 'Cosmic Conspiracies' team.