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Murray & Matese's Discoveries and Nibiru  (ds2)

Is Anyone Even Looking?  (ds2a)

Dark Star News Archive 2006-7

  Brown Dwarfs (ds3)

Detection Techniques.  Pioneer and Voyager (ds4)

Nibiru, Carl Sagan and Voyager 1 (ds5)

The Los Alamos  Computer Simulations (ds13)

KBOs and Orbital Resonance.  Ice Ages (ds22)

Water and Earth's Orbital Change

The Great Water Conundrum 2

The Dark Star and Mass Extinctions

Sedna: The Tenth Planet

New Speculation about Nibiru's Orbit

The Hobbits and the Dark Star

Tsunamis and The Flood

Tsunami e il Diluvio

Distant Dark Stars

The Heliopause

Xena, The New Warrior Planet!

The Tiniest Star

Hunt for Planet X

Our Binary System

Is this Nibiru?  Candidate object from IRAS database

Solar Storms and 2012

How the Moon was Created

 Different kind of telescopes explained