Andy Lloyd's Miscellaneous Material

Gloster Ghosts

Planet X Video and 'Waiting for the Apocalypse'

Planet X in 2003 (Not!), and the strange case of Valery Uvarov

Moon Hoax, and Harry Truman's Diary

 William Bourne's 'Guest Star' Hypothesis

Columbia and the BAe Bail-out

Harry Potter and the Tale of Gloucester

Obituary: Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton

Mexican UFOs: Article by Andy Lloyd

The Plymouth UFO

Gloucestershire UFOs

Ground marks in South Wales

'Starchild' A Painting by Andy Lloyd


 Nightwish Gigs 2005 and 2008

Mrs DarkStar's Xmas Message

Sagittarius and the S.P.T.

Doctor Who

The Tale of Mrs DarkStar and Premier Parking

"The Scientist’s Search for the Soul"  An essay by Simon Ralli Robinson

A Vision of the Dark Star

The Disunion Jack