David Beckham's Winged Cross Tattoo


David Beckham is probably the most famous football player in the world. Not only is he the captain of the England team, previous long-standing captain of Manchester United, and a current player for Real Madrid, he is feted by the media like no other sportsman of his generation.  He commands the spotlight wherever he goes, causing Japanese girls to swoon and Paparazzi to prostrate themselves before him. 

Recently Beckham complained of candid photos of him in the tabloid papers when he was spotted scratching his crotch on a hotel balcony! (1)  Such is the media frenzy surrounding this remarkable man.

Beckham is famous for his fashion statements (spurred on by his wife Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham), recent alleged extra-marital naughtiness and his extraordinary haircuts.  Who can forget when he captained England with a Mohican?

Then there are his tattoos...


I was watching England fending off France the other night at the Euro 2004 finals in Portugal, the world's third biggest sporting event after the Olympics and the Football World Cup.  The match was intense and the French snatched victory from us during injury time, to the dismay of the entire nation. During the match I noticed that Beckham was sporting a new tattoo, this one on the back of his neck.  It was a Winged Cross, a symbol very familiar to me and to readers of the Dark Star website.


A quick search of the Internet showed that this new tattoo had caused plenty of public controversy when it was first revealed, as can be seen on the front cover of The Mirror on 22nd May 2004. 

As Reuters reported:

"The tabloid Daily Mirror said the design, stretching from ear-to-ear, left the shaven-headed Beckham "looking more like a soccer thug than the England captain", while the top selling Sun newspaper said he had gone from "fab to yob".

Beckham flew tattooist Louis Malloy to Madrid from Manchester on Thursday for the latest addition to his multi-million pound body. "He didn't tell me the whole story behind the design," Malloy told the Daily Mirror.

"But it's a religious iconography, like a protective talisman over his children," he said. "David just loves his tattoos. He's a very good customer."

The winged image was added the same day as Beckham declared he was staying at Real Madrid and that his pop singer wife Victoria and children would move to join him in Spain."  (2)


This tattoo is going to puzzle a great many people.  It is certainly not a conventional talisman, and Beckham is not a man known for his esoteric knowledge of all things arcane, or so I had previously assumed.  It's interesting that even his tattooist is not sure of the origin of Beckham's choice of symbol, beyond its general religious and talismanic significance.  There's an air of mystery about this tattoo that features so prominently on Beckham's body.  What's he trying to say to the world with this image?


Readers of the Dark Star Theory will be wondering whether their ranks have been joined by this famous footballer and celebrity.  This is because the Winged Cross is an ancient but rare symbol that I have explored at length in various essays and in my book manuscript, "Winged Disc".  It represents an amalgamation of Egyptian and Christian iconography that I have suggested centres upon the return of the Messianic Star.


The symbol is one of several Dark Star emblems that also include the Crown and Seven Stars and more complex versions of the fabled Winged Disc.  I have argued that these symbols are Solar in type, but are not actually of the Sun.  Instead they point to the secret and ancient knowledge of the Sun's Dark Companion, known to some as Nibiru.  I have suggested that this celestial body is a tiny brown dwarf 'star' that is orbiting the Sun at some considerably distance, whose presence has been indirectly inferred by some scientific investigations.  At this time it remains unknown to our science, but seems to have been known to some ancient cultures.  This is because the Dark Star, as I like to call it, orbits the Sun in an eccentric manner bringing it close to the planetary zone only very, very rarely. Hence its visibility is extremely transient and elusive over many thousands of years.


This all seems rather far-fetched to many readers I am sure, particularly the majority of folk who have little prior knowledge of the occult.    In fact, the very thought that Beckham's tattoo may be indicative of an interest in the Occult may shock you.  Does this mean that David Beckham is a Satanist?  No, it doesn't.  The word 'Occult' is often wrongly associated with dark magical arts and witchcraft, but in reality the word simply means 'hidden'.  It describes the hidden meaning that lies behind certain symbols, in religious contexts or in the arts.  For instance, Dan Brown's book 'The Da Vinci Code' is a modern novel that seeks to address Occult meanings in a user-friendly format.  It is not a work of Satanism, (although some Fundamentalist Christians may beg to differ).  And neither is Beckhams' Winged Cross.


So what is it?  Perhaps Beckham's Winged Cross symbolises a rising above the mundane; a spiritual and public purging of his human weaknesses.  He seeks to make up for his actions by branding himself with this incongruous tattoo, and shaving his head; old symbols of personal purgatory.  Possibly his meaning is a religious one, but with a maverick twist, in keeping with his personality.  There's even a possibility, I suppose, that he has an interest in the arcane; that the celestial significance of this Winged Cross is alluded to.  But with all things Beckham it's probably more to do with the redemption of his personal and public life.


Written by Andy Lloyd, 15th June 2004

author of 'The Dark Star' (2005), 'Ezekiel One' (2009), 'The Followers of Horus' (2010) and 'Darker Stars' (2019)




1)  D. Taylor "I'm focused on football, says Beckham" The Guardian, Sport pp6-7, 12 June 2004, photo by Owen Humphreys/PA

2)  Reuters "Beckham sticks neck out for another tattoo" Sat 22 May 2004 (no longer available online)

3) Photo credit: Darren Walsh/Action, Images from The Guardian 12 June 2004


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