Aphelion  in 1881 & Freemasonry

I have been investigating the symbols used by secret societies and mystery cults to try and establish the existence of a hidden seam of golden knowledge about the Dark Star.  My premise is that these symbols are very ancient, and have survived the ravages of persecutions down the years, as monotheism and dogmatic religious authorities have attempted to stamp out the old teachings.  We now live in more enlightened times (one would hope), and the secret esoteric symbols have been gradually emerging from their shells.  However, the guardians of these teachings have really no better idea of what they mean than any of the rest of us.  The esotericists have interpreted these symbols, it is true, but these interpretations are more a reflection of their modern spiritual values than those of the ancients themselves.  Many might disagree with this view, but I start with this as my initial premise.

In DarkStar19 I began an examination of Alchemy and showed how a standard astrological interpretation of this esoteric school of thought leaves a lot to be desired.  I will soon release alchemical images that show clearly the role of Nibiru as the Messianic Star, or the Dark Sun.  On this page I will show more of the alchemical images (1), but with the onus upon Freemasonry, another secret society that appears to hold promise for this research.  This 16th Century image, for instance, seems to show a red fiery globe, among a field of 7 stars (its moons?), between the Sun and Luna (2).  Clutching this globe, the alchemist appears to be moving onto solid ground, perhaps even moving between planets...

Note how the coronal discharge of the red orb is swept back from the Sun, as one would expect when the brown dwarf's coronal discharge interacts with the Solar Wind.  This is the origin of the appearance of the Winged Disc during Nibiru's perihelion passage.


The Blazing Star

The Freemasons have a tremendous interest in a 'Blazing Star' that is said to represent Sothis, or Sirius. They have this Star motif placed in prominent places in their Temples, or Lodges. Many of their rituals are derived from Isian rites, and ancient Egyptian symbols feature strongly in the Craft, even though many of their degrees are actually Mosaic, or sometimes Christian, in character.  

There is emphasis placed upon the appearance of a bright light in the darkness, derived from the 'Black Rite', described by Isis in 'The Virgin of the World'. This celestial entity known as the 'Night' "weaves her web with rapid light though it be less than Sun's" (3).

 Combine this with the Freemason's worship of the Divine Being as represented by a 'bright, shining light in the East' that breaks through the darkness of the Lodge, and one can begin to piece together a common strand.  Although connected with Sirius, this light is an altogether different entity.

The alchemical image shown right contains Masonic symbols (4).  The five visible planets and the Sun and Luna make up the standard set of planetary symbols, but the rebus is stood upon the alchemical dragon, Azoth, who breathes fire.  He, in turn, lies upon a Winged Disc that is evidently neither the Sun nor Mercury.  Geometrical workings are at play within the disc, in keeping with the other Masonic symbols, and the numbers 4 and 3 appear to hint at that magic number 7 again...



The Equilateral Triangle

The equilateral triangle is an important symbol for Freemasons also.  Matthew Scanlan has described the Triangular Lodge of Rushton in Northamptonshire and links much of the symbolism used within its architecture to alchemy (5).  (I am particularly impressed by a motif of the 'seven eyes of God within a hexagon (sic)' on the building). 

The Equilateral Triangle is one of the oldest of the sacred symbols, according to James Churchward, and represents the Trinity or the Triune Godhead:  "Whenever or wherever this symbol is found, in any form of record or inscription, it is either in reference to, or represents, the ancient Trinity and Heaven...The Truine Godhead of the Egyptians consisted of "Shu, Set and Horus" (6).

This image shows a line of Luna, Mercury and Sol.  Above them is the equilateral triangle of the Masons containining an Eagle (7).  We are also treated to a red burning orb and seven raindrops (Water and Fire, or seven moons and the brown dwarf Nibiru?).

So the Freemasons have inherited a very ancient series of symbols, and Alchemy demonstrates that this Masonic equilateral triangle has some sort of celestial significance. 

It is often shown with an enclosed eye, the 'all-seeing eye of Osiris' according to Churchward, who notes that this combined symbol was often seen "in ancient Catholic churches, over the main altar" (6).  Americans will be very well acquainted with this symbol, as it is part of the Masonic imagery shown on their One Dollar bills.


David Ovason

President Garfield's monument in Washington D.C.This section of the Dark Star Theory was recently removed because I received a couple of strongly worded e-mails from the author David Ovason (8). He was upset that I had included references to material in his books, and threatened me with legal action!  He accused me of breaching copyright law.  I was quite shocked by this because to all intents and purposes I was presenting short quotations from his books (9, 10), referencing them appropriately and using them as source material only.  That's standard academic practice, and certainly comes under the auspices of 'fair use' in British and American copyright law.  Nevertheless he would not enter into correspondence about this with me. 

Now it is absolutely within David Ovason's rights to express his anger with me for including references to his material in these pages.  It's a free country, as they say.  In truth, I don't agree with many of the conclusions in his books, but I have made reference to many interesting facts that one cannot readily find elsewhere about the esoteric studies of Europe and the United States.  I have picked up that material from him in the same way that he has, no doubt,  picked up that material from older books, fellow esotericists and researchers etc.  That's how knowledge passes along. 

But it should be pointed out that I have taken that source material and reached a set of conclusions that Mr Ovason likely as not disagrees with.  Perhaps that is why he has objected to my even MENTIONING HIS NAME within these pages!!  Which is ridiculous.  Perhaps he is concerned that his good name as an author will be sullied with talk of ancient astronauts and missing planets and the like. 

Well, if so, that's just tough. It is simply naive to expect the world to bang along to your drum when you publish your own work.  It will simply become part of the academic milieu, accessible to later researchers who may not agree with your conclusions.

And how ironic that an author who is sensationally providing us with the esoteric secrets of other thinkers and artists should get so upset about seeing those secrets passing along further down the literary chain.  As if that wasn't an entirely predictable outcome for popularising previously hidden, esoteric material!  [One wonders how David Ovason will react to Dan Brown's new book 'The Lost Symbol' - AL, 2009]

Anyhow, I am now able to publish new photos of the Garfield monument with its Zodiac depicting two Suns (11). In brief, here are the conclusions that I have drawn from material contained in David Ovason's books, along with material from other sources, like Zolar (12), and even information readily available over the Internet:

There is an esoteric tradition describing a 'Dark Satellite' (Zolar)

That Dark Satellite allegedly reached it darkest point in 1881AD, an important esoteric date (Ovason)

President Garfield was assassinated that year, (Known Fact) and his memorial in Washington D.C. contains a Zodiacal plaque that has astrological significance (Known Fact). 


The astrological sphere of the Sun has two objects 'orbiting' it; in the Zodiacal houses of Gemini and Sagittarius (Ovason)

The enigmatic plaque implies the actual existence of a physical, but hidden second Sun (My conclusion)

Taken together there is an esoteric tradition, probably deeply embodied within Freemasonry, of a second Sun reaching aphelion in 1881AD (My conclusion)

That second Sun is the Dark Star, a small brown dwarf that presumably achieved aphelion around that year and is now slowly swinging back towards us. (My conclusion)

Its perihelion is close to Gemini, whilst its aphelion 1881 is associated with Sagittarius (My conclusion)


For a more in-depth discussion of this topic, please visit this page:

  Dark Satellite


A few years have passed since Ovason's outburst, and I am happy to report that neither of us has seen the inside of a courtroom in that time!  I am grateful to my friend Andy Goldie for taking these photographs of the Garfield monument in Washington D.C., and allowing me to publish them.  I think it is important to share this important find with my readers. Yes, it was David Ovason who wrote about this in his book first of all.  But his discovery about this Zodiac has implications about the knowledge of the Dark Star amongst Freemasons, and it is vital for me to explore that insight in my own writing. So I acknowledge his prior work, as I have always done, but I will not be brow-beaten into silence about my own controversial insights on this matter.  In fact, here are the details of his book, which is still an excellent read:





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Hello Andy,

Greg Jenner writes:


"You can also see this flag in the book: 'The Gods of Eden' by: William Bramley. He says it was only a 'runner-up' to the first official American flag. Still very interesting though.


"Thought you might be interested in this prologue (pg. XIII) from the book 'Uriel's Machine' by: Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, 1999.


"According to the two Authors Freemason rituals of the ancient Scottish rite devoted entire Degrees to 'Enoch' himself who was told by an angel, called Uriel, to preserve the secrets of civilization because a global disaster was imminent. Masonic documents dating from the early 17thcentury, known as the 'old charges' tell how everything dear to mankind existed before the disastrous Flood and had to be reconstructed by the survivors.


"On page 55 in the book the Authors go on to say that, according to the 'Book of Enoch', he had a vision of seven stars that appeared as "Seven burning mountains" descending upon the Earth and the 'Tollmanns' interpreted this later as seven Cometary fragments that hit the Earth causing the Great Flood in Noah's time! Regardless if the "Seven Burning Mountains" impacted the Earth or not, it is clear to me that the seven stars were associated somehow with a celestial event in which Enoch was 'allowed' to view.


"Therefore it is my conclusion, like you, that the Freemasons are privy to certain hidden knowledge regarding this celestial event (Nibiru) and the seven stars or "Burning Mountains" on the early American Flag is a great example of this. And as you well know these seven stars show up throughout Masonic symbology."


(From Greg Jenner, Abbotsford, BC, Canada)


"Uriel's Machine"(18) is a fascinating book, and the excerpts pointed out by Greg Jenner do make for very interesting reading. They provide a direct link between a description of the Dark Star and its satellites at perihelion, and myth connected with catastrophic Earth changes.