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Although the investigations carried out by the 'Gloster Ghosts' team is more or less confined to our county of Gloucestershire in England, we do receive some interesting correspondence from afar, including images which are purported to contain glimpses of the paranormal.  Of course, it is not possible for us to investigate such cases directly, and we assume in good faith that those granting us permission to publish these images are the copyright owners.

There's not much accompanying text with this first collection, which were taken in the home of the photographer's grandmother.  The photographer is called Jonathan.  These are really good examples of orbs.  Perhaps they are house dust, perhaps not.  They're certainly worth taking a close look at:


(Note that we've blanked out part of the child's face in the centre photo; it isn't an oval orb!!)


Zen and the Art of Ghost-busting


We received some fascinating e-mails from a novice Buddhist monk practicing in England.  He has witnessed many orbs, and has likened them to phenomena of the Devas described in the Buddhist scriptures called Theravada.  He is particularly interested in their colours, which have included blue, yellow, red and white orbs.  He reflects on the possibility that the brightness of an orb indicates the power or vibration of the Being.  Trev speculates on other paranormal phenomena:

"I have also noticed that since the inception of digital cameras that an increase in UFO's have also been taken. I believe that is because their stealth technology puts their crafts at a vibrational level just outside the human spectrum of vision, deliberately. Weather (sic) when they realise this they will change their technology and become invisible again only time will tell. But what a great way of introducing Aliens into society! .. people don't have the shock and scare of seeing them first hand, but rather see them when they look at their photos after the event, softening the blow, and acclimatising them to their existence, maybe that is deliberate?

"So perhaps it is the same with the spirit Orbs, some people can see them first hand, maybe because they are vibrating at a higher spiritual level themselves, and therefore able and probably ready to see such things. So perhaps they stay invisible to most people deliberately ... I feel that may have some truth in it."

We think that these thoughts have some merit.  Trev has kindly sent us a digital photo taken at his monastery that certainly has some rather unusual orb phenomena.  We have blown up parts of the image for you to take a closer look:


A Catalogue of Mystery


Vic Hopson of Rialto, California has sent us some remarkable images after visiting our 'Gloster Ghosts' website.  He has been interested in the paranormal for years, having witnessed several ghosts himself. 


The first image shows what might be a guardian spirit alongside a little girl. It also might be a swirling water sprinkler in the background.  A similar effect can be seen on the second image, this time of a road traffic accident.  This looks more like smoke, but this doesn't seem to make any sense in the context of the picture; there's no fire after all.  Is this an example of ectoplasm? 

Vic has the following to say about the enigmatic third image:

"Check this one out of a demon investigating this guy's dresser. Over here they're always red.........and this one was taken very near an old Indian Sacred site, where the Shamen used to "Go between the crack in the worlds" and visit the underworld for advice and power."

Vic is a seasoned investigator of the paranormal and has provided us with some cracking tips to help us with our investigations.  Thanks mate!

(Andy Lloyd )



'Purple Haze' in Southern California


This section highlights the case of Pam, who lives in San Diego, Ca.  Her e-mail described how she had looked at the orb photos we have published in these pages, and wanted us to take a look at some of the many examples that she has on file.  She is quite certain that atmospheric conditions, like dust picked up by the flash, cannot account for the orbs on her digital photos, some of which didn't make use of a flash anyway.  We think these examples serve to illustrate the mystery surrounding the orb phenomenon well.


This family photo of Pam's two children is full of mist in the centre-ground of the photo.  Having lived in San Diego myself for a couple of years as a student I can well remember the 'June Gloom', but surely this is a little too localised for that!!  What's more, there is a very noticeable lilac/purple colouring in the centre of the mist.  Perhaps it is nothing more than a lens flare, but the general photographic context of the image would suggest not. 

Here's what Pam has to say about her paranormal experiences:

"Our house is haunted.  It is a new house, built in '99 but we know there is someone else here, maybe more than one "thing."  We have had our doorbell ring for no reason, several times.  The phone rings almost every day with no one except static on the end of the line.  The piano plays on its own.  Lights turn on by themselves.  Things fly up in the air and drop to the ground.  Stuff gets moved all the time - I mean when there is no way it is any of us doing it. 

"I am not bothered by it at all but it sure freaks out my husband and the cat knows when the "thing" is around too.  I actually think the "thing" follows me from place to place - In other words, I am the one that is haunted, not the house."

The children are surely a little young to be the centre of poltergeist activity, it must be said. But the array of different experiences is not uncommon for the claimed paranormal activity.  Combine that with the photographic evidence and a fairly good case emerges.  Is Pam the source of these events, through PK, or is there an entity involved in some way who is attached to Pam or someone else in the house?

Pam sent another photo of her sister and her sister's boyfriend.   Tragedy struck not long after the photo was taken. There are some bluish orbs to the right of the image, and blown up one of them reveals some rather startling, seemingly facial, characteristics:


Pam writes: "I have closed in on these orbs and some have faces and they are multi dimensional - also if it is a particularly large orb and it is under a table and the leg of the table is in front of the orb but the orb appears "behind" the table leg on each side.  They are not always perfect spheres either - some are elliptical and then we have some streaking orbs.  When we have taken a series of photos within seconds of each other you can go from image to image and track their movement across the room.  Some are very bright and tiny - Most are medium sized and semi transparent (like the ones on your site)."

Suggestions from readers are welcome, as are further images and accounts of paranormal interest.  


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Written by Andy Lloyd, 6th January 2005, 21st February 2005, With thanks to Pam and her family.

author of 'The Dark Star' (2005), 'Ezekiel One' (2009), 'The Followers of Horus' (2010) and 'Darker Stars' (2018)

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