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Moving the human population quickly, in this day-and-age, requires transit technology in the form of Trains, Ships and Planes and according to my research Atlantis had a similar transit technology in place just prior to Phaeton’s fly-by. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude the Atlantean population had to utilize whatever transit means necessary when forced to escape the looming disaster.





Mentioned in Part-One of this paper, Edgar Cayce tells us the Atlanteans were able to build vertical tunnel shafts used as ‘elevators’ that descended within the bowels of the Earth:


From Exhibit 1) Edgar Evans Cayce ( Edgar Cayce on Atlantis ©1968) Reading No.1730-1; Aug. 14, 1930  

“in Atlantean land in first of periods as the people began to apply those laws as pertain to the combustion as made for the filling up of the skins that were used for those of transportation, excelled in the USE OF THE ELEVATOR IN BUILDING [WITH]IN THE EARTH.” Page 62.

Reading No.2157-1; March 27, 1940  

“—when Poseidian land was greater in power, when there was a meeting called for those of many lands to determine means and manners in which there would be control of the animals [Dinosaurs?—GJ] that were destructive to many lands….those who guided the ships that sailed both in the air and under the water, also maker of that which produced the ELEVATORS AND CONNECTING TUBES that were used by compressed air and steam and the metals in their emanations….” Pages 78-79.

So it would seem that not only did the Atlanteans use ships and flying machines to migrate around the globe, they used underground tunnels as well. Is it possible that one Atlantean tribe eventually became the Brazilian subterranean people of Tierra Dentro? I say yes!


Exhibit 19) Edgar Evans Cayce ( Edgar Cayce on Atlantis ©1968)

 “…Many, [Atlanteans] according to the life readings [of Edgar Cayce] traveled west to the Americas. This is deduced from two readings given five years apart. Both refer to migrations westward to escape the final destruction of Atlantis.” 

“in the Atlantean land during those periods when there were the activities that brought about the last destruction through the warring of ‘Sons of Law of One’ [Good] and Sons of Belial [Evil]—among those sent to what later became the Yucatan land of the Mayan experiences.” (1599-1; May 28, 1938)

“in Atlantean land when there were those periods of the last upheavals or the disappearance of the isles of Posedia. [There were] those who went to what later became known as the Inca land—the Peruvian land as called in the present.” (3611-1; Dec. 31, 1943)

“As I understand [the Edgar Cayce readings], man had migrated to South and Central America and to the western part of North America from Atlantis….This land taken place from 28,000 B.C. (the time of the second upheavals in Atlantis) to around 10,000 B.C. (the time of the final destruction of Atlantis). During the final destruction, some of the settled portions of Central and South America sank and the Caribbean area assumed its present land contours.”

“The inhabitants of Central and South America were now a mixture of those who had come earlier from Atlantis and the Pacific area and those who had come at the final destruction of Atlantis, as indicated by the following paragraph from the same reading (5750-1).”

“Hence, these places partook of the earlier portions of that peoples called the Incal; though the Incals were themselves the successors of those of Oz, or Og, in the Peruvian land, and Mu in the southern portions of that now called California and Mexico and southern New Mexico in the United States.” Pages 114-115.       


From Exhibit 18) Marcel F. Homet (  Sons of the Sun  ©1963)




"As soon as the Moon and the Sun had pierced the darkness, the Giants wished to observe the rising and the setting of the Sun exactly. They went so far, till the sea held them back, there, where the white people live. At last they wanted to raise themselves up to the Sun and determined to erect a tower. Whereupon the Lord of Creation said to the other Gods: “It is not right that mortals should lift themselves to us.” So with thunder and lightning, [Noah’s Flood] they destroyed the work of the Giants, who fled in terror. But the people who until then had spoken one language on the Earth, were now all separated and began to speak in various tongues.’ This Mexican text [Uncannily similar to the Biblical ‘Tower of Babel’ story—GJ] which the first discoverers of America considered very ancient, reports the arrival in [South and Central] America of the Giants, the tale being told in accordance with the oldest traditions. Another old Mexican cosmogony—[Walter] Krikkeberg [Altmexikanishe Kulturen (1956)] relates—tells of the four prehistoric ages, EACH OF WHICH WAS ENDED BY SOME NATURAL CATASTROPHE.”

“In the first age Tezcatlipoca turned himself into a sun and all the people of that time were Giants. But through their arrogance they precipitated the destruction of their age….The Aztecs who were, historically speaking, much younger looked upon the culture of Teotihuacan with its massive pyramidal structures in Northern Mexico as dating far back in the primitive history of a vanished age when Giants must have lived. For it was only these primitive Giants who could have erected such massive buildings as there are in Teotihuacan and the even greater Cholula pyramids….” [Could this also be said for the great pyramids in Egypt? I wonder—GJ]


“There are also Giants in the [traditions] of the Tiahunanacu civilization on Lake Titicaca concerning the creation of the world. Guaman Poma de Ayala, the picture chronicler of the sixteenth century also speaks of four world ages. [See ‘Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection Part Two’—GJ] In the first, primitive man ruled, in the second however, it was the race of Giants, who built stone houses for themselves. [Megalithic structures] ‘Also a coarse race of Giants [renegade group?] did he (the world creator) make out of painted stones,’ is what another version says and do we not recognize them in the gigantic statues in the ruins of Tiahuanacu? But although they were covered with symbols and inscriptions they communicated nothing to us….Father Cristobel de Acuna, in 1639 in the sixty-third chapter of his report on the Amazon regions, wrote about the ‘River of the Giants.’ This refers to the Purus [Indians] which comes down from the Andes, East of Cuzco. On its banks, among other tribes, [at one time] there were giants….”

“And the Giants whose traces we were constantly finding along the Amazon!….It was the Giants that this mighty race remained in the memory of men, Giants who had lived in faraway times of the sages, and had built gigantic structures of stone. And their traces, WHICH WE FOUND IN THE NORTH AMAZON COUNTRY, were always accompanied by megalithic monuments weighing several tons.”

“Where was the homeland of these ‘Giants’ and their descendants who perhaps, under particularly favourable external conditions had been able to develop a tall type of men who were quite distinct from the small statured people [local Indians] living in harassed circumstances? Everything points to their having had their original home on the climatically favoured ISLAND CONTINENT BETWEEN EUROPE AND [THE] AMERICA[S], WHICH AFTERWARDS WAS SUBMERGED.” Pages 176-178.


From Exhibit 15) Harold T. Wilkins ( Mysteries Of Ancient South America)

“Some of the Mexican [traditions record] what is said of pre-Diluvian men…  They who came from the east beyond the sea could not cause the savages [Native Indians] of the land to work or worship, and so there came a great deluge.”


“This is a remarkable reference to the coming of the civilized Atlanteans…: the men in black [robes], missioners, law-givers, teachers, such as the men, QUETZALCOATL, to Central America; BOCHICHA, to old Colombia; MANCO CAPAC and VIRACOCHA to old Peru.” Page 166. [The image to the right depicts Quetzalcoatl—GJ]

“Don Antonio de Herrera,…(Crown officer of the King of the Indies and Castile, in Peru) was told, by the Peruvians, the story following, about the year A.D. 1600:

“…There presently appeared in the middle of the day, when the sun came out on Lake Titicaca, in the Andes, a white man, OF A GREAT BODY AND VENERABLE PRESENCE, who was so powerful that he lowered the hills, increased the size of the valleys and drew fountains from the rocks [advanced earth excavating technology—GJ] They called him, for his great power,…lord of all created things, and father of the sun…” Page 110.

“…The ancient Peruvians, as Jesuit missioners discovered, used both painting and characters; and all over South and Central America are traditions of white-bearded men who, in the persons of Quetzalcoatl and Bochicha, taught laws, agriculture and religion to primitive races, who said these men came from the east…Author’s Note: Quetzalcoatl, the civiliser of pre-Mayan Yucatan, Mexico, and Central America, was not a god. He was, as my researches show, one of the [Giant] race of Hy-Brazil, some 30,000, or fewer, years ago, before the time of the great cataclysm that upheaved the Andes and sank Atlantis…How far Quetzalcoatl own missioners went, some 30,000 or 20,000 years ago, is shown by my own curious discovery that the Thompson Indians of British Columbia have a story of the Great Deluge-Cataclysm in which Quetzalcoatl actually figures, under the name of Qoaglgal, as a “man who, with two others, worked miracles and transformed things.” Page 65

“…Quetzalcoatl had come from a land not [yet] submerged, but one which the ruling class considered so unstable, owing to occasional cataclysms, that they looked out for settlement elsewhere. On this point, it will be recalled that Colonel Fawcett pointed out that all the dead cities of brazil had been overthrown by violent earthquakes…” [Due to Nibiru’s wrath—GJ] Page 99. 


“Here, as evidence in the shape of amazing ruins of dead cities [Above and below ground] in the jungles and on the unexplored plateau between Goyaz and the Rio Roosevelt of modern Brazil today attests—to those who have seen them—there lived between 15,000 and 10,000 B.C., perhaps even earlier, a highly civilised race of handsome, intellectual men and beautiful women with classic Greek features and often bright red hair like that of Berenice. (But they were not Greek in origin, nor any colony from old Greece.) They lived in walled cities—walled not against savages, but the mighty gulf of the Maranon, the older name of the Amazon. They had a gold coinage, fleets, cities of shining WHITE STONE, with magnificent plazas, paved with great flags, and exquisitely ornamented temples and great mansions, with fine fountains. Their coasts were lit by pharos of lighthouses, for mariners. Lenses they had invented, and refractors they knew—which are the elements of the astronomical TELESCOPE. They built peculiar pyramids, rounded at the tops, and their ruins—seen still, today, deep in the jungle, FOR THIS IS NO FANCY OF A LOST WORLD OF FICTION…Native traditions say they used a light which seems akin to that of the electric bulb.” [See Exhibit 16; this paper—GJ] 

“It is probable that their priest-astronomers had been perturbed by the increasing frequency of violent earthquakes—such as we, in our modern world, have witnessed…

"They had kept a keen watch on the skies, night and day, and sensed the approach of some COSMIC DISASTER. [Dubbed “The Phaeton Disaster”—GJ]There is good reason to suppose that the race, like the Carthaginians, hoped to find out some more stable countries, to which they might flee from the wrath they foresaw was at hand. One of these pioneers was named Quetzalcoatl, [As mentioned earlier] another, Bochicha and a third, Viracocha…Then came the Great Catastrophe which annihilated this strange and mysterious civilisation of old Hy-Brazil, the royal colony or empire of Atlantis…” Pages 23-25 

Harold T. Wilkins conveys an interesting reconstruction of the great Catastrophe based on tradition current among certain Brazilian tribes, ages before the Spaniards or Portuguese ever came to the country:

“So Quetzalcoatl, Bochicha and Viracocha, the wise,…bushy-bearded [Giant] men, clad in austere black garments, or robes, departed by sea or land to their home country of Atlantean Hy-Brazil, and the [so called] gods of culture, knowledge, wisdom, civilization and enlightenment began to prepare for a long sojourn in the twilight.”

[Then] “THE WANDERING PLANET STREAMED INTO OUR EARTH”S SKIES, and must have been noted in awe and amazement by the astronomers peering from their high towers in the white cities of Hy-Brazil, and the fatherland of older Atlantis. Warlike races from old Atlantis had, as the priests of Sais and Heliopolis told Solon, invaded Western Europe and the Mediterranean, and reached almost as far east along the North African shores as the land of Egypt on the Nile. As the world dominators stood, confronting the pre-Hellenic races of old Attica, who alone opposed their overwhelming power and menace, tremendous earthquakes shook the ground. The blazing sky turned to night—a night rent with terrific lightning-flashes and a rain of vast meteorites upon the stricken Earth. Men flew to the mountaintops, only to be stricken with fear and madness, at what the skies disclosed. ALOFT, THE [WANDERING PLANET] seemed hourly changing her colour, course and size. Our earth was receding into space backwards from her old orbit, nearer the sun. The stars and planets receded fast, the great glowing ball of fire in the night sky shone like a sphere of sultry copper, while, in the day, only less black than the night of terrors, rising above the ball of fire the orange globe of the sun shot out an ochre penumbra of flame from its periphery, as, of course, seen above the swirling of the dense clouds of smoke and gases arising from the Earth. On the sea coast, terrific tidal waves rolled in—higher than the highest hills, they crashed on to the beaches, and the immense force and momentum of colossal league-long rollers, coming on behind, drove them far inland, overwhelming cities, drowning whole country sides, swirling up the sides of high mountains, driving the current of rivers backward towards their sources, even as the Earth was being impelled “backward” into space. Man called on the gods to save him. The gods [Giants] were silent and powerless on the high Atlantis-Olympus, looking down on the reeling globe.” Pages 111-112

It should be noted here that Harold Wilkins attributed ‘the wandering planet’ to Venus however I beg to differ. My argument contends that the wandering planet is in fact Phaeton/Nibiru in which I have pointed out in ‘Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection – Part One.’ Authors Allan and Delair give a great description of it, see below: 


Exhibit 20) D. S. Allan and J. B. Delair Cataclysm When the Earth Nearly Died—Compelling Evidence of a Catastrophic World Change in 9,500 BC ©1995)

“…Phaeton [Nibiru] was anciently regarded as a generally round, brilliantly fiery body of appreciable size, and MUCH MORE STAR-LIKE OR SUN-LIKE than conventional comets: and it was held to have in some way caused the Deluge.” Page 212.

I am very excited to reveal here, for the first time, additional evidence that supports the reality of Nibiru/Phaeton. Explorer and researcher Marcel F. Homet discovered an amazing ‘Sun Crypt’ in the north Amazon region of the Serra Do Machado. Engraved on a stone monument within the Sun Crypt was a SECOND SUN called the ‘Wandering Sun!’ Homet describes his discovery below:


From Exhibit 18) Marcel F. Homet (  Sons of the Sun ©1963)




“The ‘Axe Mountain’ or Serra do Machado is a mountainous excrescence that rises straight up out of the earth. Like all the mountains in this North Amazon region it towers steeply over the plain, which itself is only the bottom of a dried-up lake dating back to the Quaternary Period….”


“…The first thing that took our eye as we arrived at the top was a striking image of the sun engraved in the rock about sixteen feet above the ground. It was over six feet across and had well designed rays…”

“…Scarcely a hundred and fifty feet farther on we came to a rock on which a SECOND SUN was engraved. This one was much smaller… ‘There are two paths, cut into the rock, along the outside!’ [Said their Indian guide]

"I looked sharply in the direction indicated. The first path began where we had found the gigantic sun. The SECOND ONE started from the spot where we were standing and from the SECOND, SMALLER SUN…”


“…The rays from BOTH OF THESE ENGRAVED SUNS did not run in straight lines. Quite the contrary, they were bent…and ran from left to right. There could be no doubt of it, these TWO SUNS were engraved at the entrance of an important burial place: they probably pointed to a forbidden entrance…”

“…This burial place in the caves [at the top] of the Serra do Machado offers extremely valuable evidence concerning ancient religions. It is a genuine burial crypt with urns full of bones that are all painted red…”

“…In the upper part of the crypt we saw a frieze of many red ochre drawings, depicting alligators, turtles, SUNS, archaic letters…”

“…This discovery…was of particular interest if only for the fact that the SUN SYMBOL of the Serra do Machado was perhaps cut into the rock ten thousand years ago. [More like 12,000 years ago—GJ] We were very preoccupied as we climbed down and passed the forbidding emblem of the ‘BEWITCHED SUN’ which guarded the entrance to the sacred burial place…” Pages 55-61.

“I went back in my thoughts to the superb ethnographical and archaeological collections of the Musée de l’Homme in Paris. There…a stone over fifteen feet long and over nine feet high. It was found in Quiriqua in Yucatan. [Etched out on the stone was a] sun which is represented with feet and called ‘THE WANDERING SUN’…”

“After I had photographed my new discovery and made an exact copy of the inscriptions, we were preparing to return [to Base-camp]. Just then our Indian [guide] called out: ‘Look here! There are drawings of the sun!’ With one jump I climbed up the rock and there, shaded by the overhanging boughs of a tree, I DISCOVERED TWO WONDERFUL ‘WANDERING SUNS.’ [And one of] the sun’s disc was…drawn with feet around it…” [This would make sense that the true wandering sun (Phaeton/Nibiru) would be symbolized with feet around it—GJ]

“…When we went back to our tent…and with bated breath I read what the famous member of the Institut de France had to say: ‘Dolmens ornamented with inscriptions and WANDERING SUNS are absolutely specialized objects and are to be found only in Brittany, in Scandinavia and in England with special variations. So I was not mistaken. This was ornamented with inscriptions like the Celtic [and] the Peruvian of the Pre-Inca period…I had discovered at one and the same time master examples of analogous dolmens and also ‘wandering suns’ of the Europo-Celtic culture out here on the Amazon…” Pages 38-39.  

Marcel Homet presents a remarkable connection here stating that the Wandering Sun symbols depicted in the Yucatan and the Amazon regions were also found in Europe! Is the Wandering Sun symbology also shown at Avebury, in England? I believe so. (See ‘Avebury and the Dark Star’ web-page) I find it amazing however that Homet never made the connection that the Wandering Sun would return one day, in which the Hopi Indian tradition foretells. 


The Ute Indians of California also have their own tradition of a Wandering Sun called Ta-wats. What’s interesting here, though, is Ta-wats entourage was accompanied by another sun-like object called Ta-vi. The Ute Indians say a fight occurred between the two and Ta-vi lost favor falling to Earth. See below:   


From Exhibit 20) D. S. Allan and J. B. Delair ( Cataclysm When the Earth Nearly Died—Compelling Evidence of a Catastrophic World Change in 9,500 BC)

“… The Ute Indians of California state that [long ago there was] a conflict between two brilliant celestial bodies named Ta-vi and Ta-wats. Ta-vi, like Phaeton, is alleged to have roamed the heavens on an erratic course, but when it approached too close to Ta-wats a fight ensued and:

“…the sun was shivered into a thousand fragments, which fell to Earth causing a general conflagration. Then Ta-wats [Phaeton] fled before the destruction he had wrought, and as he fled the burning Earth consumed his feet, consumed his legs, consumed his body, consumed his hands and arms—all were consumed but the head [celestial sphere] alone, which bowled across valleys and over mountains, fleeing destruction from the burning Earth…” Page 155

“…Thus it was not Phaeton, but its ‘attendants’ which plummeted to Earth…” Page 291

So, according to D. S. Allan and J. B. Delair, Phaeton continued on to become the only remaining wandering sun-like object within our Solar System.



At the beginning of this paper I asked the question: Was anything ever written down or engraved on stone documenting a cause for the Atlantean migration? I conclude the answer lies within the ‘Sun Crypt’ discovered by Marcel Homet.


This burial crypt houses a stone monument with TWO SUNS etched on it and one of them is Phaeton—the Wayward Sun, the Bewitched Sun or the Wandering Sun known as Nibiru.


Written by Greg Jenner, author of

    Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Connection


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