The Greg Jenner Papers



Part Two


“There were giants on the Earth in those days; mighty men who were of old, men of renown…..and God said the Earth is filled with violence through them, and behold I will destroy them with the Earth.”

Book of GENESIS.



In Part-one of this paper evidence was presented revealing that Giant subterranean races have interacted with humanity over the millennia and will, yet again, in the future. Part-two continues with this theme documenting native Indian traditions from South and North America recounting what they have to say about the inner-earth realm.


However, before addressing that, I shall first report on what has transpired “On top of the Earth” in connection with the Nephilim and their prolific activity in South and Central America.

It is said these “mighty men of renown” were the makers of deep aqueducts and megalithic structures but suddenly, something profoundly cut short their way-of-life in the southern hemisphere.  If this scenario was indeed the case then certain questions have to be asked: What was the reason for the Giants demise and did they all completely die out? Again, I’ve inserted [Brackets] and CAPITALS to emphasize my argument.  




Exhibit T) “Traditions of Precolumbian Landings on the Western Coast of South America” by Adolph F. Bandelier (American Anthropologist 7:250-270 ©1905) obtained from William R. Corliss’ book ‘Ancient Man: A Handbook of Puzzling Artifacts’ ©1978.

[Cabello] “Balboa [an Augustine Missionary in 1586] obtained….a report on the ‘Repartimiento de los Rucanas Antamarcas,’ dated January 27, 1586. This report contains the following statement:

The old [Peruvian] Indians say that they have notice from their fore-fathers…..that in very remote times, before the Incas ruled them, there came to this country people who they called VIRACOCHAS, not many of them; and that the Indians followed them, listening to their speech.….” Page 759.

The Indians even went so far as to call some of them Saints!

"The report of the Augustines on their investigations among the Indians of Huamachuco between 1552 and 1561, states that most of the settlers [VIRACOCHAS —GJ] perished and that the few survivors were driven out of the country……Fray Pedro Simon, who wrote somewhat earlier….asserts that, according to Chibcha tradition, BOCHICA “came” to the plateau of Bogota [Colombia]—whence, he does not state. He describes him as with a long beard and wearing long garments, as having walked with bare feet and gone about preaching and teaching the Indians a better mode of life. At Sogamoso, in the Colombian highlands, Bochica lived two thousand years, and died there after performing many miracles, among which the opening of the cleft at Tequendama is most conspicuous…..In Peru, as is well known, the Indians called and still call the whites VIRACOCHAS.” Pages 756-757.

“The earliest reports on South American Giants are by [Don] Cieza [de Leon] and [Agustin de] Zarate, printed in 1553 and 1555, respectively. The former says:


The natives tell, from what they heard through their fore-fathers, who heard and had it from far back, that there came by sea in rafts of reeds after the manner of large boats, some MEN WERE SO TALL THAT FROM THE KNEE DOWN THEY WERE AS BIG AS THE FULL LENGTH OF AN ORDINARY FAIR-SIZED MAN, and the limbs were in proportion to their bodies, so misshapen that it was monstrous to look at their heads, as large as they were, and with the hair that came down to the shoulders. The eyes they give to understand were of the size of small plates. They affirm that they had no beards and that some were clad in skins of animals, while others came as nature made them, and there were no women along. Arriving at this point, and after making on it their settlement in the form of a village (even at the present day the sites of the houses are known), [megalithic structures—GJ] they did not find water, and in order to supply the need thereof, made some deep wells, a work that is certainly worthy of remembrance, performed by as strong men as it is presumed they were, judging from their size. And they dug these wells in the live rock until they found water, and afterward lined them with stone to the mouth, in such a manner that they will last for many ages, in which (wells) [Subterranean aqueducts—GJ] there is always good and savory water, and always so cold that it is a great pleasure to drink it.

Having thus established themselves, these tall men [Viracochas—GJ] or Giants, and having these wells or cisterns out of which they drank, they ate and wasted all the food they could find in the land, for each one of them consumed more than fifty of the natives of the country, and as the supply was not sufficient for them, they killed much fish in the sea by means of their nets and contrivances which, it stands to reason, they must have had. The natives abhorred them, for they killed their women in making use of them, and the men they killed for other reasons.

The Indians did not feel strong enough to kill these new people that had come to take their country and domain, although great meetings were held to confer about it; but they dare not attack them. After a few years, the giants being still in the country, and having no women, and those of the Indians not suiting their great size, or because it may have been by advice and inducement of the demon, they resorted to the unnatural vice of sodomy, which they committed openly in public, with no fear of God and little shame of themselves.” Pages 761-762.

So it would seem, like any race living on Earth today, there were benevolent ‘Viracochas’ teaching morals and values to the local Indians but at the same time a malevolent renegade group of ‘Viracochas’ were causing havoc and chaos for the local Indians.

"The only traditional record of a landing on the western coast of South America is that of the ‘giants,’ near Punta Santa Elena in Ecuador. According to Zarate, it was known to the Spaniards prior to 1543, but not credited until the discovery of large fossil bones in that year furnished, in the light of knowledge of the times, an apparent confirmation. The FINDING OF FOSSIL REMAINS OF UNUSUAL SIZE was not altogether accidental. The captain Juan de Olmost, lieutenant governor at Puerto Viejo in the year aforesaid, hearing of “all these things, caused excavations to be made in that valley, WHERE THEY FOUND SUCH LARGE RIBS AND OTHER BONES THAT, IF THE SKULLS HAD NOT APPEARED AT THE SAME TIME, IT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CREDIBLE THEY WERE HUMAN PERSONS…..TEETH THEN FOUND WERE SENT TO DIFFERENT PARTS OF PERU; THEY WERE THREE FINGERS BROAD AND FOUR IN LENGTH……”


Exhibit U) Harold Wilkins ( Mysteries Of Ancient South America ©1946)

“Cieza de Leon [the old Spanish soldier-priest] also tells how in Cuzco, in A.D. 1560, in the days of the viceroyalty of Don Antonio de Mendoza, a tomb was found containing large human bones, and says that similar bones were already found in Mexico City….Bones of giants “of huge greatness” which, says another old Spanish missioner and historian, Padre Acosta, were found [a]round Manta, Peru, in A.D. 1560. (This Manta is identical with the Manta of the Central Railroad of Ecudor, where bones of similar human giants were found, in a cave, in 1928, behind great stalagmites on the petrified floor. The remains found in this cave were of ancient men over eight feet in height!…..Diego [de Ordaz] was he who, according to Las Casas, in his Historia de las Indias, climbed the high volcano of Popocatepetl, near Mexico City. Says Peter Martyr:

“De Ordaz found in the sanctuary of a temple the thigh bone of a giant, which had been cut and half-gnawed away with age. This bone was brought to Vittoria to be sent to Rome to the Pope. Said Ordaz: ‘I have preserved this bone, which measures from the neck to the knee-cap (patella) five cubits (about 8 feet 4 inches!) Its width is in proportion.’ Men sent by Cortes to the mountains of the south, later discovered the country inhabited by these giants. In testimony of their discovery they have brought back several ribs torn from the dead bodies.” Pages 191-192

“In summer of 1931, Monsignor F. Lunadi, of the Apostolic Nunciature of Santa Fe de Bogota, organised an expedition into [an] unknown region, which lies in the little-explored jungles of San Agustin. He found traces of a very ancient, South American empire extending about sixty miles along the banks of Rio Magdalena, a gold-river so well known to the old British buccaneers of the seventeenth century. This unknown race not only built irrigation canals; but erected colossal statues, cut out from solid rock, and transported them by unknown means over great distances. Many of the colossal statues had been created in the faces and figures of the great men over whose tombs they stood. In this wild region, a village named San Agustin has houses filled with curious antique statues which are also set up in the Plaza, four of these great statues of a race unknown combining to uphold the marble form of El Liberador, Simon Bolivar. The Guarari Indians have a tradition that these ancient races of Columbia “made fire and light by strange means.” Had they the knowledge of electricity, or some form of radiology?” Pages 184-185 [Had they also the knowledge of flight? See Exhibit X—GJ]

“One may be forgiven, when contemplating the amazing command of these ancient engineers and masons over vast masses of rock in a way that can hardly be rivaled by modern engineers with all their wonderful technique and power appliances, for speculating whether they were a race of giants in stature? The Montagnais Indians of Canada have a tradition that God was angry with the Giants and sent an inundation upon them.” Pages 190-191

“Another of these old….cities was visited by Fray Pedro Cieza de Leon….who died in A.D. 1560. It was called Guamanaga, and is and was located on the great cordillera in lat. 12° 59’ S., long. 73° 59’ W. Cieza was tremendously impressed by the great edifices he saw there, all in ruins. “Who built them?” he asked the natives. “A BEARDED, WHITE PEOPLE, [The Viracochas] like you Spaniards,” said a cacique. “They came to these parts many ages before the Incas began to reign and formed a settlement here….They do not seem to me Inca buildings; for they are square, not long and narrow. It is also reported that certain letters were found on a tile in these buildings…..The Indians also speak of bearded white men in the island of Titicaca.” (Cieza de Leon.) Page 48.

“At Pachacamac, where, today, exist ruins that have received much attention from the archaeologists of U.S. and British museums and the Carnegie Institution, the giants mentioned [according to ancient Peruvian records] built a sumptuous temple with Iron tools. This…was in the time of the Ayar-Inca emperor (the twelfth), Ayataró Cuso, about 500 B.C., the time when one British authority suggests that only savages inhabited South America! (Here seems to have been a case where a stone age race were also workers in iron).


“This curious passage seems also to import that the giants remained in the land for a long time after their landing on the coast, though it is odd that the Incas are said never to have used iron tools! Did the giants bring such tools with them? Later on, the giants became homo-sexual, according to the story and traditions of the Peruvians; “for they had no women with them, and, one day, when they were publicly polluting the market-place with these practices, the FIRE FROM HEAVEN rained down on them, and consumed them.”

“But not all were burnt in this Sodom-Gomorrah holocaust—either of some immense aerolite, [celestial body—GJ] which, before now, and as recently as 1932, has devastated hundreds of square miles of Brazilian jungle, for the volcanism….THAT GIANTS OF THIS SORT EXISTED IN ANCIENT PERU IS A FACT depicted on some ancient pottery, dug up near Pachacamac, which shows them engaged in perverted amours.

"And giants must, at one time, have ranged very widely over the equatorial belt of South America….Whoever these giants of old Peru were, THEY WERE CLEARLY MAKERS OF MEGALITHIC STRUCTURES AS WERE THE MEN OF TIAHUANACU.” Pages 193-194.




Exhibit U) continues: Harold Wilkins ( Mysteries Of Ancient South America)

“People who have lived for any time in Central America or Peru, Yucatan, Guatemala, Chiappas, or Ecuador, suspect that…ancient tunnels and mysterious caves are still, today, in 1945, playing their secret part in the hidden life of the modern descendants of these ancient races.” Page 181.

 “[Don Francisco] Pizarro had heard, goes on the native Peruvian tradition that the Incas possessed a secret and inexhaustible mine, or enormous depository of mysterious character, which lay in a vast, subterranean tunnel, or [subterranean] road, running many miles underground beneath his imperial dominions. Here were kept the accumulated riches of the country.” Page 158.

“Between the years 1848 and 1850, the well-known Russo-American mystic, Madame Helena Petrovana Blavatskaya, was travelling in Peru…. and in Lima she rather curiously encountered [an] Italian who said he had…..visited what he believed to be one of the entrances to [a] very mysterious labyrinth of ancient kings.” Page 168.

“Probably, in the old Cuzco Temple of the Sun, there may have been thaumaturgists [?] among the priestly corps, who must have had much curious and secret knowledge about the origin, history and purpose of the amazing, labyrinthine tunnels of ancient Peru, and of the arcana of a very ancient race. The sun-emperors these priests served were men of a very different type of feature from the down-trodden Quichuas one may meet, today, on the Andean trails. There are pictures still to be seen in the old colonial church of Santa Ana, north of Cuzco, which portray the Incas as men of royal dignity, of a MUCH LIGHTER COLOUR, as kingly as any Pharoah of old Egypt, and their priestly aristocrats were also men with a high forehead, slightly aquiline nose, thin mouth, firm chin, and refined and intellectual face of much majesty, or serenity. [Were some of these Royal Kings the benevolent White Giant VIRACOCHAS the Quichuas called saints?—GJ]

“It was only, says Madame Blavatskaya, by interpreting the mystic signs [there] that one might learn the secret of the tunnels and how and where they might be entered. One of the approaches to the great tunnels lay, and still lies, near old Cuzco, “but it is masked beyond discovery.” This hidden approach leads directly into an immense “Subterranean,” which runs from Cuzco to Lima, as the crow flies, a distance of 380 miles! Then turning southwards, the great tunnel extends into what, until about 1868, was modern Bolivia, around 900 miles! At a certain point the tunnel cuts into and is intersected by a royal tomb, inside which, with all the ingenuity employed by the old priestly architects and engineers of ancient Egypt, when they wished to trap tomb-robbers of the Pharaohs, thousands of years ago, the ancient Inca (?) engineers had contrived two cunningly arranged doors, consisting of two enormous slabs of carved stone, pivoted to turn and close so tightly that one can see not the faintest sign or crack or join. In fact, their position can be discerned on the sculptured walls of the royal subterranean mausoleum only by reading the secret signs whose key is in the possession of hereditary custodians.”

 “…..One of these pivoted, turning slabs, so cleverly sculptured and invisibly hinged, conceals the southern mouth of the branch of the tunnel leading to Lima. The other masks the southern entrance to the great tunnel to the former Bolivian end. This former Bolivian corridor (today located in Chile) runs southwards, passing through Tarapaca and Cobijo, which are in modern Chili. It must then turn eastwards, passing through or under the cordillera and, skirting the mysterious Atacama desert, of northern Chili—itself, this Atacama desert, the home of curious remains of subterranean type[s]….”

 “The southern end of the tunnel is, thus, lost somewhere in this mysterious salt desert of Atacama, a thirst-stricken waste of llanos and alkaline deserts, out of which flow only scanty runlets of brackish water, so the coastal ports in this region rely on sweet water brought from long distances. May be, when the mysterious tunnel was made, perhaps thousands of years ago, the climate was very different from today, and the landscape one of beauty and fertility….”

 “Arica, a port now also in Chili, but in Peru in the 1860s, stands not far from a mysterious bluff, into which are cut the hieroglyphics seen by Madame Blavatskaya, about 1851, or 1853, and which denote—for those who can interpret them!—the signs and the key to the secret entrance. Not far inland is a little river, the Payquina, or Payaquina, a name also given to a cerro in that region, which, remarks Madame Blavatskaya, is so named from the little waves which used to drift chispas of gold from the old land of the Brazils. If that be so, THE TUNNEL-MAKERS MAY BE [GIANT] MEN OF THAT SAME LOST WHITE ATLANTEAN RACE.” Pages 169-171.

“A mysterious Peruvian told Madame Blavatskaya, nearly a century ago: “A thousand soldiers, were they in that tunnel, would be forevermore one with the dead, did they attempt to force their way into the treasure-tomb of the dead Inca. There is no other access to the Arica chamber, but through that hidden door in the mountains near the Rio Payquina, Arica. Along the entire length of the immense corridor, from Bolivia to Lima and royal Cuzco, are smaller hiding-places filled with treasures of gold and gems and jewels, that are the accumulations of many generations of Incas. The aggregate value of the treasures is beyond the power of man to estimate.”


“A plan of this fantastic tunnel existed some years ago, and, probably, still exists until the owner judges the time has come to put his plans to the proof. (Meantime, in this book, I have given a remarkable and graphic chart based on my own secret information of this mystery.“ [See map above—GJ]

 “We had in our possession,” said Madame Blavatskaya, nearly a hundred years ago, “an accurate plan of the tunnel, the sepulchre, the great treasure chamber and the hidden, pivoted rock-doors. It was given to us by the old Peruvian; but if we had ever thought of profiting by the secret it would have required the co-operation of the Peruvian and Bolivian Governments on an extensive scale.”

Wilkins noted, “My information is that Madame Blavatskaya’s chart of the tunnel is now in the Theosophical archives at Adyar, Madras; but my own chart, in no way derived from that of the late mystic lady, is based on independent sources of Peruvian information, checked by my own original researches. Until I had nearly completed this book, I did not know that her chart was still in existence.” Pages 172-173

“For what purpose, however, were these amazingly long tunnels of old Peru intended? What mysterious cults did they serve?.....A startling clue, gained in a very peculiar and romantic manner, to the purposes of these mysterious tunnels, and which is directly concerned with the mysterious stone city in the Lancandones territory….came in the course of a chance talk between a very old Peruvian—a Quichua Indian—and the same well-known mystic and American woman traveller….Helena P. Blavatskaya, who, as one sees, was journeying through the mountains of Peru, in 1851 or 1853.


“I keep friends with them, these bandidos,” [the old Peruvian] said, “and their Catholic missioners, for the sake of my own people. But I am as much a worshipper of the sun as if I had lived in the days of our murdered emperor, the Inca Atahualpha. Now, as a converted native and missionary, I once took a journey to Santa Cruz del Quiché (in Western Guatemala), and, when there, I went to see some of my people by a subterranean passage leading into a mysterious city behind the cordilleras. Herein, it is death for any white man to trespass!” Said Madame Blavatskaya: “We believe his story, as it is corroborated, elsewhere, by Stephens in his Travels. Besides, a man who is about to die will rarely stop to invent idle stories.” Similar strange tunnels of incredibly ancient date, and unknown origin, in the West Indies, were brought to the attention of Christopher Columbus, when he visited Martinique.”  Page 175.

“Fuentes, who lived about A.D. 1689, and wrote an unpublished MS. history of Guatemala, speaks of the amazingly large and ancient towns (inhabited by an unknown and long vanished [giant] race) found there by the conquistadores. He says: “The marvellous structure of the tunnels (subterranea) of the pueblo of Puchuta, being of the most firm and solid cement, runs and continues THROUGH THE INTERIOR OF THE LAND FOR THE PROLONGED DISTANCE OF NINE LEAGUES to the pueblo of Tecpan, Guatemala. It is proof of the power of these ancient kings and their vassals.”

“He gives no hint of the uses to which these amazing tunnels, more than thirty miles long,….were put by these ancient races of old America. It may be, too, that the great tunnel of the Incas had a branch, underground way leading under the forests, eastwards of Cuzco, in the very direction taken by Inca Tupac Amaru, his army and his host of camp-following refugees, in the late sixteenth century? May be, the fleeing Peruvians vanished into these mysterious tunnels….The Inca fled to the mysterious “WHITE HOUSE” [built by Giants?—GJ] of the elusive South American empire of Gran Paytite….It is evident that the men of this mysterious land of Paytite must have had contacts with the Incas long before the Spanish conquistadores overran the Peruvian empire.” Pages 176-177. 


Exhibit V) David Hatcher Childress (   Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America ©1986)

“I could not shake the impression of a giant amphitheatre with seats, grandstand boxes and bathing pools at the summit. Many of these seats were likewise very large and wide, as if designed for a person seven—to TEN FEET TALL. Perhaps this is why Samaipata [In Bolivia] is also known as the PLACE OF GIANTS. Also, very large human femurs have been discovered in the surrounding area. Just how large, I could not find out…….  We walked down the rock stairs and into an area of brush at the bottom. There he showed me the Camino de la Chinchana.” [Meaning ‘Path of the Subterranean’—GJ] Pages  329-330. 

There’s no question that these tunnels are real! Explorer/Author David Hatcher Childress has explored one of them located just north of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a small village called Sao Tome das Lettres. He described the tunnel as “Manmade” and perfectly uniform with no apparent faults or fissures throughout. Does the tunnel system really lead to the Andes mountain range and Machu Picchu? Childress couldn’t discount the subterranean oral traditions he had been told about. I maintain that the existing South American tunnel system was the result of the Giants handiwork, to escape from “on top of the earth” and go “below the earth” all in the name of survival. These tunnels were built because they had some sort of warning, probably from using observatories and telescopes, by viewing an incoming celestial object. 




Exhibit W) Harold Wilkins ( Mysteries Of Ancient South America ©1946)

“The subterranean world, it is said, is lit by a strange green luminescence which favours the growth of crops and conduces to length of days and health.”


Tunnels and labyrinths have played a mysterious part in ancient civilizations in regions of what may wrongly be called older worlds of Asia and Europe and Africa. Who can say what the ancient priest-emperors of old Peru knew of, or had inherited, from these vanished civilizations which are not even a name, or more than a faint and ghostly shadow? An ancient tradition of Brahmanic Hindostan speaks of a large island of ‘unparalleled beauty’ which, in very ancient times, lay in the middle of a vast sea in Central Asia, north of what is now the Himalayas. A RACE OF NEPHILIM, or men of a golden age, lived in the island, but there was no communication between them and the mainland, except through tunnels, radiating in all directions, and MANY HUNDREDS OF MILES LONG. These tunnels were said to have hidden entrances in old ruined cities in India….” Pages 173-174

Russian Explorer/Author Ferdinand Ossendowski gives an amazing account of the subterranean kingdom called ‘Agharti’ (See Exhibit H, Part-one) and how it extends throughout the entire globe in the form of subterranean passageways. (See picture to the right) Ossendowski learned from a Lama in China that all the subterranean caves of America are inhabited by an ancient people who have long since disappeared underground. Traces of the ancient subterranean dwellers are still found on the surface of America today.

The Lama of China went on to say that in the two greatest oceans there were formally two continents which disappeared under the water. I argue that this continent-sinking cataclysm—triggered by Nibiru—caused many different people and many different tribes to descend into the subterranean kingdom and one of these underground races or tribes were called the ‘Ant people’ in which the American HOPI Indians have had a benevolent relationship with, over the ages. See Below:


Exhibit X) Frank Waters ( Book of the Hopi © 1963)

“…..We [Taiowa & Sótuknang] have decided this world [The second world] must be destroyed and another one created so you people can start over again. You [the Hopi] are the ones we have chosen.” They listened carefully to their instructions.  Said Sótuknang [Nephew of Taiowa], “You will go to a certain place. Your kôpavi (vibratory center on top of the head) will lead you. This inner wisdom will give you the sight.”…..After many days and nights the first people arrived at the certain place…..When the last ones arrived Sótuknang appeared. “Well, you are all here, you people I have chosen to save from the destruction of this world. Now come with me.”

“He led them to a big mound where the Ant people lived, stamped on the roof, and commanded the Ant People to open up their home. When an opening was made on top of the anthill, Sótuknang said to the people, “Now you will enter this Ant kiva, [subterranean pit or opening—GJ] where you will be safe when I destroy the world. While you are here I want you to learn a lesson from these Ant People. They are industrious. They gather food in the summer for winter. [Inhabitants living and working underground in a tunnel system much like an ant colony would—GJ] They keep cool when it is hot and warm when it is cool. They live peacefully with one another. They obey the plan of creation.” So the people went down to live with the Ant People. When they were all safe and settled Taiowa [The Creator] commanded Sótuknang to destroy the world. Sótuknang destroyed it by fire because the Fire clan had been its leaders. He rained fire upon it. He opened up the volcanoes. Fire came from above and below and all around the Earth, the waters, the air, all was one element, fire, and there was nothing left except the people safe inside the womb of the Earth. This was the end of Tokpela, the First World.” Pages 13-14

According to my research, the Hopi who primarily reside in Northern Arizona, regard themselves as the first inhabitants that ‘emerged’ into America and their village of Oraibi is the oldest occupied settlement in the United States. The Hopi tell of a story of their creation and their emergences from previous ‘worlds,’ there are also striking similarities here akin to the Aztec and Mayan ‘Sun’ ages in which I will address further on. The Hopi say we are in the fourth world and soon will emerge into the Fifth one. They have kept this esoteric meaning alive for countless generations and the 1909 ‘Arizona Gazette’ newspaper article (See Exhibit G, Part-one) gives another version of the Hopi tradition:


“….. it is notable that among the Hopis the tradition is told that their ancestors once lived in an underworld [A physical subterranean realm—GJ] in the Grand Canyon till dissension arose between the good and the bad, the people of one heart, the people of two hearts. (Manchoto) who was their chief, counselled them to leave the underworld, but there was no way out. The chief then caused a tree to grow up and pierce the roof of the underworld and then the people of one heart climbed out. They tarried by Palsiaval (Red River), which is the Colorado, and grew grain and corn. They sent out a message to the temple of the sun, asking the blessing of peace, good will and rain for the people of one heart. That messenger never returned but, today at the Hopi village, at sundown can be seen the old men of the tribe out on the housetops gazing towards the sun, LOOKING FOR THE MESSENGER. WHEN HE RETURNS, their land and ancient dwelling place will be restored to them.”

I will address the ‘Hopi messenger’ further on in the paper.  Did S. A. Jordan, while exploring the Grand Canyon, locate an ‘inner-earth’ tunnel entrance where the Hopi Indians said they lived with the subterranean Ant People? I think it’s very possible! This is why the Smithsonian Institute has since covered it all up. The Cave is an entrance into Ferdinand Ossendowski’s ‘Agharti’system—the global network of subterranean passageways signified by the Lama of China himself.

The picture (above-right) shows the Grand Canyon depicting a ‘fictitious’ tunnel opening that I’ve created leading into the shear cliff face, I believe this is a good illustration of the cave/tunnel system described in the 1909 Arizona Gazette article. No visitors are allowed there because the entrance is on government land 42 miles up-river from El Tovar Crystal Canyon. Approximately 2000 feet above the canyon wall, the opening is almost inaccessible. You cannot see the opening from the river due to a rocky shelf—just below it—obstructing your line of sight. A ridge of steps run some 30 yards from the cave entrance where they abruptly stop which suggests that this was the prior water level of the river. Geologically speaking, this could only mean one thing, the tunnel and cave construction had to be from tens of thousands, if not millions of years ago.


Exhibit X) continues: Frank Waters ( Book of the Hopi)

“…..the people lived happily underground with the Ant people. Their homes were just like the people’s homes on the Earth-surface being destroyed. There were rooms to live in and rooms where they stored food. There was a [particular] light to see by, too. The tiny bits of crystal in the sand of the anthill had absorbed the light of the sun, and by using the inner vision of the center behind their eyes they could see  by its reflection as well.  Only one thing troubled them. The food began to run short. It had not taken Sótuknang long to destroy the world, nor would it take him long to create another one. But it was taking a long time for the First world to cool off before the Second World could be created. That was why the food was running short.“  Do not give us so much of the food you have worked so hard to gather and store,” the [Hopi] people said.  “Yes, you are our guests,” the Ant People told them. “What we have is yours also.”


Finally that which had been the First World cooled off. Sótuknang purified it. Then he began to create the Second World. He changed its form completely, putting land where the water was and water where the land had been, so the [Hopi] people upon their Emergence would have nothing to remind them of the previous wicked world……Sótuknang spoke first to the Ant People. “I am thanking you all for doing your part in helping to save these people. It will always be remembered, this you have done. THE TIME WILL COME WHEN ANOTHER WORLD WILL BE DESTROYED; AND WHEN WICKED PEOPLE KNOW THEIR LAST DAY ON EARTH HAS COME, THEY WILL…..CRY FOR THE ANTS TO SAVE THEM.” Pages 14-15

This Hopi prophecy is uncannily similar to Ferdinand Ossendowski’s ‘King of the World’ prophecy:  (Exhibit R: Part-one) “THEN THE PEOPLES OF AGHARTI WILL COME UP FROM THEIR SUBTERRANEAN CAVERNS TO THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH…..TO LEAD THOSE WHO STILL REMAIN FAITHFUL TO THE SPIRIT OF MAN IN THE FIGHT AGAINST EVIL. THEY WILL FIND A NEW LIFE ON THE EARTH PURIFIED BY THE DEATH OF NATIONS.” This leads me to conclude there is a definite ‘truth’ between Tibetan tradition and Hopi tradition with the common denominator being an interaction with a subterranean race! One other prophecy in connection with this view comes from the Peónes Indians in Mexico. This passage is from Harold Wilkins’ book ‘Mysteries of Ancient South America’:

 “In March, 1942, President Roosevelt invited to the White House two Californians named Lamb (husband and wife) who seem to have made contact in the bush of Chiappas with a degenerate tribe of ‘Lancandones,’ or other Indians, who are hereditary guardians of a lost Mayan city wherein is a temple containing, on gold plates, the hieroglyphical history of the race and the world…..according to the Lambs, the degenerate Indians go to the lost or hidden city to worship in its Mayan temple, on certain days, and they told them of the “Great Things of the Old Ones”, written on sheets of solid gold, and telling of the GREAT DELUGE.”

“The story above is derived from a West country evening newspaper extract cabled from a New York daily newspaper in simmer 1940; but I may add that an English engineer…..having spent many years of his life in both Mexico and the Argentine, and who died in GLOUCESTER [Harold Wilkins' and Andy Lloyd’s home-town I might add—GJ] Royal Infirmary, in 1938, told me that, in the state of Jalisco, somewhere in the little-known southern extension of the great range of the Sierra Madre, about 121 kilometres (about 75 miles) east of the Cabo de Corrientes, are prehistoric ruins known to the Indian Peónes. The dead city lies on a mesa (plateau) and from it, at certain hours of the day, or at dawn, comes the sound of an eerie, vibrant drumming. The sound is heard from afar, even on the Pacific! The Indians declare that the drumming emanates from….stone [underground] vaults of the great temple where there was once worshipped “the ruler of the Universe.” One day, say the Indians, the wheel of life, or cycle of events, will come full circle, and the ANCIENT PEOPLE WILL RETURN [Via the subterranean caverns?—GJ] AND RE-INTRODUCE A GOLDEN AGE…..” Pages 178-179.  


Exhibit X) continues: Frank Waters ( Book of the Hopi)

“Then Sótuknang said to the [Hopi] people, “Make your Emergence now to this Second World I have created. It is not quite so beautiful as the First World, but beautiful just the same. You will like it. So multiply and be happy.” Pages 14-15.

According to Frank Waters the Hopi people, over time, inevitably became wicked once more:

“So again, as on the First World, Sótuknang called on the Ant People to open up their underground world for the chosen people. When they were safely underground, Sótuknang commanded the twins, Pöqánghoya and Palöngawhoya, [North and South Poles—GJ] to leave their posts at the north and south ends of the world’s axis, where they were stationed to keep the earth properly rotating. The twins had hardly abandoned their stations when the world, with no one to control it, teetered off balance, spun around crazily, then rolled over twice. Mountains plunged into seas with a great splash, seas and lakes sloshed over the land; and as the world spun through cold and lifeless space it froze into solid ice. This was the end of Tokpa, the Second World.” Page 16.

This passage is an excellent account of a pole shift and I maintain that the only way an event of this magnitude can occur is from a nearby passing planetary body—Nibiru. See Exhibit O, Part-one.


Exhibit X) continues:

 “For many years all the elements that had comprised the Second World were frozen into a motionless and lifeless lump of ice. But the [Hopi] people were happy and warm with the Ant People in their subterranean world. They watched their food carefully…..they wove sashes and blankets together and told stories.

Eventually Sótuknang ordered Pöqánghoya and Palöngawhoya back to their [final resting] stations at the poles of the world axis. With a great shudder and a splintering of ice the planet began rotating again. When it was revolving smoothly about its own axis and stately moving in its universal orbit, the ice began to melt and the world began to warm to life. Sótuknang set about creating the Third World: arranging earths and seas, planting mountains and plains with their proper coverings, and creating all forms of life.

When the Earth was ready for occupancy, he [Sótuknang] came to the Ant kiva with the proper approach as before and said, “Open the door. It is time for you to come out….So the [Hopi] people climbed up the ladder from the Ant kiva, making their Emergence to the Third World.” Page 16.

“Upon it once more the [Hopi] people spread out, multiplied, and continued their progress on the Road of life….Some of them, of course, retained the wisdom granted them upon their Emergence. With this wisdom they understood that the farther they proceeded on the Road of Life and the more they developed, the harder it was. THAT WAS WHY THEIR WORLD WAS DESTROYED EVERY SO OFTEN TO GIVE THEM A FRESH START……” [A similar message occurs throughout the bible indicating that when human madness goes too far God will send down His wrath to produce a fresh start—GJ]


“…..Under the leadership of the Bow Clan they began to use their creative power [for] evil [in a] destructive way…..some of them made a pátuwvota (shield made of hide) and with their creative power made it fly through the air. On this many of the people flew to a big city, attacked it, and returned so fast no one knew where they came from. Soon the people of many cities and countries were making pátuwvotas and flying on them to attack one another. So corruption and war came to the Third World as it had for the others.” Page 17-18.

 The photograph to the left shows an aircraft-style gold artifact found in the Bogota Gold museum in Colombia South America, said to be well over a thousand years old. Could it represent a Hopi pátuwvota? The apparent aerodynamic design of this artifact clearly fits with the Hopi account of how these flying delta wing V-shaped ‘shields’ flew to big cities, attacked them and returned so fast no one knew from whence they came.

Author Frank Waters goes on to write that Sótuknang destroyed the Third World with water: “So he loosed the waters upon the Earth. Waves higher than mountains rolled in upon the land, Continents broke asunder and sank beneath the seas. And still the rains fell, the waves rolled in.” Page18. [Reminiscent of the lost continent of Mu. See Exhibit P-1: Part-One—GJ]

The Hopi survivors, with the direction from a ‘Spider Woman’ made round, flat boats from reeds and for a long time they just drifted aimlessly with the wind.  “At last they saw land. It rose high above the waters, stretching from north to south as far as they could see. A great land, a mighty land, their inner wisdom told them. “The Fourth World!”…..they cried. “We have reached our Place of Emergence at last!”

Soon all the others arrived and when they were gathered together Sótuknang appeared before them.“Well, I see you are all here. That is good. This is the place I have prepared for you. Look now at the way you have come.” Looking to the west and the south, the people could see sticking out of the water the islands upon which they had rested. “They are the footprints of your journey,” continued Sótuknang, “The tops of the high mountains of the Third World, which I destroyed. Now watch.”

As the people watched them, the closest one sank under the water, them the next, until all were gone, and they could only see water. “See,” said Sótuknang, “I have washed away even the footprints of your Emergence; the stepping-stones which I left for you. Down on the bottom of the seas lie all the proud cities, the flying pátuwvotas, [V-shaped ‘shields’—GJ] and the worldly treasures corrupted by evil, and those people who found no time to sing praises to the Creator from the tops of their hills. But the day will come, if you preserve the memory and the meaning of your Emergence, when the stepping-stones [Islands] will emerge again to prove the truth you speak.” This at last was the end of the Third World, Kuskurza (an ancient name for which there is no modern meaning).” Page 20.

On Page 25, Frank Waters, questions the popular Hopi belief that they ‘Emerged’ from the subterranean realm in the Grand Canyon. His contention is the Hopi arrived here from another continent in boats. My argument however is that, even after the Great Flood, the Hopi still regard the Grand Canyon as their ‘original’ emergence and, as mentioned earlier, the 1909 Arizona Gazette article indicates, there is indeed, a Cave entrance turning into a tunnel system deep within the Grand Canyon. The article also states: “It is possible that the worship (found inside the tunnel system) most resembles the ancient peoples of Tibet.” Frank Waters even points out a Hopi/Tibetan connection! See below:

“Whether or not the Hopi creation myth is regarded as a record of prehistoric events, there is no question of the value of the esoteric mysticism it reveals…..Only its closest parallel, the Tantric teachings of TIBETAN and Hindu mysticism…..From [this] same mysticism the peoples of the FAR EAST have created an empirical science, the Hopis a cosmic drama.” Pages 26-27.

“Hopi tradition, which asserts that…they did not enter this continent through the back door of the north—via Bering Strait; and that there place of Emergence was “Down Below”…..yet there is an indication that they may have been MONGOLIAN IN ORIGIN, for each Hopi child is born with the “Mongolian Spot” at the base of the spine, according to the Doctors at the hospital at the Keams Canyon Agency. How much earlier could they have come to America?” Pages 115-116.

The Central Asian/American connection gives support to the ‘Agharti’ global tunnel system and how it has been used and occupied for migration purposes during Nibiru’s Earth-changing cataclysms. The Toltec and Aztecs also used caves and tunnels for migrating purposes. Frank Waters writes: “The Popul Vuh, the sacred book of the Quiche Maya in Yucatan also states that the Maya Ancestors originated in SEVEN WOMB-CAVES…..Tulan, Tollan, or Tula and the seven womb-caverns also figure prominently in Toltec and Aztec legend. Acosta, who arrived in Mexico soon after the conquest, found that the Aztecs had a full tradition of their seven….migrating clans and state that they originated from seven caves [Tunnels?—GJ] in Aztlan.” Pages 116-117.

As it turns out, the Hopi ‘Kachinas’—a race of WHITE BROTHERS, were also in the tunnel making business to help the Hopi migrate. Frank Waters elaborates further on this: “Far in the tropical south, no one knows where, lay the mysterious Red City of the South, Palátkwapi (Red House). Perhaps it was in Mexico, perhaps in Central or South America. Wherever it was, it is still an important landmark in the geography of Hopi legend. Clan after Clan included it in their migrations Hundreds of tales are told about it….for it was the KACHINAS WHO BUILT PALÁTKWAPI.” Page 67.

“So Palátkwapi grew and prospered…..The time came, however, when evil entered. Perhaps it was because the people found life too easy and did not resume their migrations. Other people lay the blame on the Spider Clan…..where they used their power[s] wrongfully….The Spider Clan was refused admittance to Palátkwapi for this reason. So one early dawn the clan attacked the city.”

“Immediately a council meeting was called in the barricaded city. It was decided to DIG A TUNNEL UNDERNEATH THE [SUBBTERRANEAN] RIVER, through which all clans could escape. Immediately all men were put to work, and in several days the tunnel was completed. That night another meeting was held to plan the escape of the clans. “This is the way it will be done,” said the [white] kachina leader. “The Bear Clan will go through [the tunnel] first. Then the Corn Clan and the Parrot Clan. The Coyote Clan will go last, as always. As each clan emerges on the other side of the [subterranean] river it must resume its migration immediately in the direction ordained for it. The day will come when your migrations are completed and you are all united again. [Did all this take place before finally emerging into the Grand Canyon?—GJ] So remember all that we have taught you, properly observe your ceremonies, and keep the doors on top of your heads open.”[The third eye?—GJ] Page 70.

“Now we, the kachina people, will remain here to defend the city, while you make your escape in the darkness. The time for us to go to our far-off planets and stars has not yet come. But it is time for us to leave you. We will go by our powers [flight technology?—GJ] to a certain high mountain, which you will know, where we will await your messages of need.” Page 71

“The Hopi also prophesied “That a time will come when the Hopis would be forced to develop their lives and land at the dictates of a new ruler. [American Government—GJ] They were not to resist, but wait for their ‘LOST WHITE BROTHER’ PAHANA…..he would deliver them from their persecutors and work out with them a new universal brotherhood of man[kind].” Page 298.

Frank Waters writes that the Lost White Brother, Pahana, belongs to the Hopi ‘Kachina Race,’ a race that occupies the spirit world, however I argue this race could just have equally been physical because they ‘built’ the red city of Palátkwapi, akin to the Viracochas, the lost white giant race building megalithic cities in South and Central America. Yes, I agree, it may be true the Hopi Kachina Race has now advanced far enough to go ‘off planet,’ but I maintain they could still occupy another residence within the subterranean tunnel system, in which the Kachinas also helped plan and build, according to Hopi tradition. Could the ‘White Brother’ be a benevolent representative and descendant from the giant Nephilim race, poised to play the ‘Pied Piper’ role by leading the Hopi back to their original ‘Emergence’ in the Grand Canyon to live, once again, with the Ant People? I can only speculate with this.




 Exhibit Y) Harold Wilkins ( Mysteries Of Ancient South America ©1946)

“None of the old secrets of the land of the Incas have really perished. There are native societies of the underworld who, age by age, keep them inviolate. Their members are sometimes wandering Catholic priests who, on one day of the year, revert to the celebration of their real religion: the rites of the sun, that Central mystic Sun of pre-cataclysmic ancient world, symbolizing the UNKNOWN DIVINITY…” [Dark Star/Nibiru?—GJ] Page 164.


“The old Peruvians told Cieza de Leon, who visited Tiahuanacu in a day—about A.D. 1540—when immense walls were still standing, and there were TWO COLOSSAL FIGURES IN STONE, WITH LONG ROBES REACHING TO THE GROUND WITH ORNAMENTAL CAPS ON THEIR HEADS: “……Some of the natives told me….that all these marvels sprang from the ground in a single night…..There are not such stones in any of the hills around.”

The natives may have been alluding not to necromancy, but to tremendous volcanic action resulting in the upthrust of the Himalayas and the Andes, after the cataclysm [caused by Nibiru—GJ] that sank the great land of Mu….” Page 187-188.

 “….. It is difficult to suggest an explanation unless you visualize our Earth, tilted at the poles, under the impact of SOME BODY FROM OUTER SPACE AND SLOWLY SWINGING THROUGH AN ARC OF NINETY DEGREES, SO THAT THE EQUATOR AND POLES CHANGE PLACE! Page 21. 

 “… may be recalled that the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who died in 1930, sent [a]round to friends in England (in 1928) a remarkable letter based on certain mystic revelations received by his wife, Lady Conan Doyle, at a family séance, in 1923. These automatic writings…. “from beyond” foretold that “soon” a great disaster would come on the Earth, following on Armageddon. It would happen very suddenly, without warning, and the general upheaval of civilised life would be of appalling character. The catastrophes—a series—would last three years, during which a number of countries (five) in the Mediterranean basin would be swallowed up in the convulsions of the earth and sea. The bed of the Atlantic would rise and tremendous tidal waves would surge on to the American, the British, and the Irish low-lying shores. Apparently, the disaster would be BROUGHT ABOUT BY SOME COSMIC BODY IN COLLISION WITH OUR POLAR AXIS AND CAUSING IT TO TILT VIOLENTLY.” Pages 33-34. [Also see Exhibit O, Part-One—GJ]


Exhibit Z) Adolph F. Bandelier (American Anthropologist 7: pp250-270, 1905)

 “As for the manner in which the “giants” came to be exterminated, it may be said that,…the NATURAL PHENOMENON described in connection with their destruction seems to indicate the fall of a meteorite of UNUSUAL SIZE…..” [Or the passing of a planetary body of unusual size—GJ]  Page 763.

 “Then followed the punishment of which I shall treat at length in a subsequent paper—AN ANGEL APPEARED IN A MASS OF FIRE FROM HEAVEN AND KILLED THEM ALL. Cieza is fully convinced of the truth of the story and refers to the large fossil bones in evidence, showing that he obtained his data after 1543.”

 “South America was not fully occupied by settlers [regular humans] until 600 years after the deluge.” Page 759.


Exhibit Z-1) Frank Waters ( Book of the Hopi © 1963)

[Hopi prophecy foretells that] “World War III will be started by those peoples who first received the light (the divine wisdom or intelligence) in the other old countries (India, China, Egypt, Palestine, Africa). The United States will be destroyed, land and people, by atomic bombs and radioactivity. ONLY THE HOPI AND THEIR HOMELAND WILL BE PRESERVED AS AN OASIS TO WHICH THE REFUGEES WILL FLEE. [Flee into the subterranean kingdom to live with the ‘Ant People’ once again?—GJ]….. Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter of life. There is no shelter for evil. Those who take no part in the making of world division by ideology are ready to resume life in another world, be they of the Black, White, Red, or Yellow race. They are all one, brothers.” The war will be “a spiritual conflict with material matters. Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings who will remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the Creator.” That time is not far off. It will come when the Saquasohuh (BLUE STAR) KACHINA dances in the plaza. He represents a BLUE STAR, FAR OFF AND YET INVISIBLE, WHICH WILL MAKE ITS APPEARANCE SOON…..” Page 334.    


Exhibit Z-2) David Hatcher Childress (  Lost Cities of North  & Central America ©1992)

“An interesting legend that has been reported about the Hopi is that of a DARK STAR that will appear soon in the sky. This DARK STAR WILL HERALD THE END OF THE FOURTH WORLD, or Fourth Sun. The Hopi, like the Aztecs [Mayans, Incas] and Toltecs, divided the periods between catastrophes by “Suns” with which they named each epoch. There was the Sun of Water, the Sun of Earth, the Sun of Wind, and our current age, the Sun of Fire. The end of the Sun of Fire will also be indicated by an unusual blue flower that will bloom in the desert. According to tribal reports, the strange blue flower, hitherto unknown, has been found in the desert regions of New Mexico.” [Hence the term BLUE STAR—GJ] Page 326. 




In presenting a supporting list of Native Indian tradition, it is evident to me that South American Giants constructed megalithic cities and structures in our distant past. From the ‘Introduction’ of this paper the question was asked, what was their ultimate demise? I conclude that the ‘fire from heaven’ and ensuing ‘deluge’ occurred when a celestial body passed somewhat close to the Earth.

Winged Disc and Sun together


The Giants downfall was due to the Incas ‘True Sun!’ My argument for this revelation is that the name ‘Viracocha’ holds a double meaning. The old Peruvian Indians call their White (Giant) Masters Viracochas but they also call their ‘True Sun’ Vicacocha!

(See Andy Lloyd’s ‘The True Sun of the Incas’ web-page)

In-other-words, the term Viracocha also indicates a reason or ‘cause’ for the white Giants disappearance—with only a handful of survivors able to flee below ground. Paralleling this thought, the name ‘Kachina’ also holds a double meaning. The Hopi call their White (Lost) Brothers the Kachina race, just as they call their returning star Saquasohuh, the Blue Star ‘Kachina.’

Is this relationship between North and South American Indian tradition just a coincidence? It seems unlikely. So, I take heed, when the Hopi Indians say that a Dark Star will soon appear in the sky. This event will herald the end of the ‘fourth world’ and signify the return of their ‘Blue Star,’ the Tibetan ‘Bal Star,’ and yes the Incas ‘True Sun’ known as Nibiru.


Written by Greg Jenner, author of

    Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Connection


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