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“Behold the day is coming, burning like an oven and all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble. And the day which is coming shall burn them up. Says the Lord of Hosts…But to you who fear My Name the SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS shall arise with healing in HIS WINGS…”

Malachi 4 vs. 1-2 (From the New King James version of the Bible)






Lemuria! Mainstream history has chosen to forget about this lost continent that once existed in the Pacific. But to many esoteric researchers, including me, Lemuria should be included in academic text-books. One such educational book that does include Lemurian history was published by an obscure Rosicrucian sect called The Stelle Group or The Lemurian Fellowship based out of Stelle, Illinois and San Jose, California respectively. 


   The Ultimate Frontier


I managed to get my hands on a copy of this rare text-book entitled ‘The Ultimate Frontier’ 1963, (Exhibit A), and the inside jacket cover says the following:


“Some of the…fascinating subjects discussed in THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER are:

-         Evidence of a magnificent civilization that once flourished on the now submerged continent of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean.

-         A moving story of communities that are actually living by this [Lemurian] philosophy.

-         A Master Plan, dating from 4700 B.C. and involving the Great Pyramid, for establishing in October A.D., 2001 a new nation dedicated to the uplift of all mankind.

THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER describes the mysteries of human existence…and may well mark the beginning of a much greater phase of Western Civilization.”  

I must admit, the intro of this book does seem a little ‘cultish’ but I believe the Rosicrucians are onto something here to suggest the Lemurian Continent was very physical and very real. Why did Lemuria submerge into the Pacific Ocean? According to North American Rosicrucian adepts this occurred because of a pole shift.

More importantly though, what was the reason or ‘trigger’ for a pole-shift? I’ve always argued that a pole-shift can only occur from the magnetic field interaction of a planetary body passing near-by such as Nibiru. Have the Rosicrucians and Freemasons acquired ancient knowledge of this celestial intruder? I say yes, and each brotherhood gives tantalizing clues of this through symbolic pictures.

They also speak of a ‘Dark Satellite’ and a ‘Blazing Star.’ (See Andy Lloyd’s ‘Aphelion in 1881 & Freemasonry’ web-page) Before getting into that, however, let’s first look at this mysterious continent known as ‘Mu’. I’ve included [brackets] and CAPITALS to emphasize my argument.  




Exhibit B) David Hatcher Childress (   Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria and the Pacific 1988)


“One of the great proponents of Lemuria [or MU] was James Churchward, an Anglo-American who spent a great deal of his life in India. Here he was initiated into certain eastern esoteric “truths,” being shown, supposedly, some ancient tablets in an Indian/Tibetan monastery. [See ‘Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection – Part One”—GJ] (There have been many Tibetan monasteries in India for hundreds, if not thousands of years.) He was taught how to read the tablets and was told many fascinating things about ancient history. Then, after traveling all over the world, he wrote a series of very popular books. [The first one entitled] "The lost Continent of Mu…”


“Churchward’s books added a great deal to the store of information available on Lemuria. While Churchward had his inaccuracies, he nevertheless had many interesting things to say. Furthermore, one can find substantiation for much of his information.” 


“In the year 1900 at Dunhuang, a small desert town on the border of northern Tibet, a Taoist monk found a hidden library inside a cliff honeycombed with caves. The room had been walled up with bricks in the eleventh century to keep it from falling into the hands of invading barbarians. For eight hundred years the books had lain there, preserved by the dry desert air and maintained in excellent condition. Then the famous explorer and archaeologist Sir Aurel Stein passed through Dunhuang in 1907 and persuaded the monk to allow him to view the treasure, which was at the time still kept in the secret [subterranean] cave.”

“He found Buddhist texts in many languages—Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit—and some in languages that were completely unknown! Just how old some of the texts were was impossible to tell, but they had probably already been copied over several times from earlier texts. The originals could have been written hundreds and perhaps thousands of years ago. Amazingly, one of these manuscripts had FRAGMENTS OF AN ANCIENT MAP WHICH SHOWED PARTS OF A CONTINENT IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN!” Pages 7-8.



The above map was obtained from Lemuria—Lost Continent in the Pacific 1931 (Exhibit C) published by the AMORC Rosicrucians of San Jose, California. It shows a submerged Lemuria after the cataclysmic pole-shift. Note also the Brazilian Amazon Sea.


Exhibit B) David Hatcher Childress (   Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria and the Pacific) continues:


“Something else which lends credibility to the belief that these secret libraries exist is the fact that many references are made to them in Central Asian literature. It is said that they can be found in many temples in India, Nepal and Tibet. They probably can be found in China and Mongolia as well.


"About forty years ago, a Chinese representative of the ROSICRUCIAN BROTHERHOOD visited the Rosicrucian Fraternity in San Jose, California. He brought with him a manuscript which had been kept in a secret Asian archive for thousands of years. It was said to have been authored by the Egyptian Pharoah Akhnaton, historically the founder of monotheism. The Rosicrucians translated this book and published it under the title Unto Thee I Grant. [1931] The appearance of this book would seem to illustrate that such archives do in fact exist, and that knowledge is occasionally disseminated from them. Furthermore, the Rosicrucians claim to have access to a number of secret [subterranean] libraries in Tibet. [See ‘Theosophy and the Dark Star’—GJ]  Therefore, one can see that the idea of Churchward having access to some “secret” tablets, fantastic though it may seem, is really not so far fetched.” Page 8.

“The founding fathers of the United States included many Masons as well as several Rosicrucians. The history of both of these groups can be traced back to the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt; the same Mystery Schools that had taught Moses! Had the secret teachings of the Masons and Rosicrucians been based on information which had been passed down for thousands of years through Egypt, originally having come from some lost civilization? It occurred to me that this was possible, and certainly, both MASONS AND ROSICRUCIANS HAVE ASSURED ME IT IS INDEED THE CASE.” Page 29.    


“…according to The Lemurian Fellowship…the Elders of Lemuria, known as the “Thirteenth School,” moved their headquarters prior to the [pole-shift] cataclysm to the uninhabited plateau of Central Asia that we now call Tibet. Here they supposedly established a library and school, and became known as “The Great White Brotherhood.”


“…the great Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu talked frequently of “Ancient Masters” and their profound wisdom. Loa Tzu was born more than two and a half thousand years ago in 604 B.C. He wrote the famous book, the Tao Te Ching, probably still the most popular book ever written in Chinese. When he finally left China, near the close of his very long life, he journeyed to the west, to the legendary land of Hsi Wang Mu. According to the ancient Chinese, this was the headquarters of the “Ancient Ones.”

“…Lao Tzu wasn’t the only Chinese to go off in search of the Abode of the Immortals. The Chou dynasty emperor “Mu” (strange coincidence, eh?) journeyed to the land of the Kun Lun mountains…the “Mount Olympus” of the Central Asia and ancient China, in order to contact the “mysterious, profound and wise Ancient Masters.” Were these legendary Masters identical with the masters of … “The Great White Brotherhood” spoken of by The Lemurian Fellowship? It is an intriguing possibility. Pages 48-49.


Could the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD be the same group as the LOST WHITE BROTHERS from Hopi Indian tradition? I believe so! [See ‘Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection – Part Two’—GJ.]


“… The Ultimate Frontier [states that] Lemuria had been a large continent in the pacific which had encompassed all the present-day Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Oceania, western North America, and everything in between. The continents’s real name had been Mukulia or Mu…’ Page 27.

“According to the Fellowship, these Lemurians built great cities out of … stone and, under the direction of the so-called Elders, went on to create an “advanced” civilization. As the Mukulian Empire grew, more people wanted to be part of it. Persons from all the valleys of Mukulia eventually joined the “Empire of the Sun.” Page 352. 

“The Ultimate Frontier…says the Lemurian, or Mukulian civilization “…lasted in the form of an empire for 52,000 years and reached heights so great that our present civilization can barely be considered a civilization when compared to it. Government, religion, and science achieved such perfection as to be far beyond our present comprehension. Western Civilization is only about 2,500 years old and has narrowly survived its power-seeking rulers and priests. Our science and technology are but in their infancy and as yet consist of relatively few rediscoveries.” Page 28.

“…Mankind’s first civilization rose 78,000 years ago on this giant continent and it lasted an astonishing 52,000 years. It was destroyed in earthquakes which had been generated by a “pole shift” occurring some 26,000 years ago, or at approximately 24,000 B.C. The continent was so large, that when it sank, the oceans of the world became drastically lowered as water rushed into the newly formed Pacific Basin. The relatively small islands which had existed in the Atlantic during the time of the Lemurian civilization were left high and dry by the receding ocean. The newly emerged land joined the Poseid Archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean to form a small continent. This continent is called Atlantis by historians today. Its real name was Poseid.” Page 28. [See ‘Nibiru and the Atlantean Connection – Part One’—GJ]

“The Mukulian Civilization had survived many pole shifts previously, building its structures out of gigantic blocks of stone fitted together in structures designed to last tens of thousands of years. Because the area of the Hawaiian Islands were one of the pivot points in the pole shifts that took place every ten thousand years or so, the citizenry of the Mukulian Empire were generally spared the massive destruction that typically takes place in such an event.” [So says the American Rosicrucians—GJ]


“However, when open war broke out between [two factions] according to The Lemurian Fellowship, the Empire was [finally] on the verge of collapse, and during a[nother] pole shift, the tectonic plate shifted downward, raising the South American continent and creating new land areas as the waters of the world poured into the Pacific Basin. Colonel James Churchward described it as the continental arch buckling during a pole shift.” Page 352.




Exhibit B) continues:

“Theosophist named W. Scott-Elliot, wrote a lengthy paper called The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria [1896] and according to…Elliot, Lemurians were between twelve and fifteen feet tall. Their faces were flat, save for a protruding muzzle, and they had no foreheads… and their eyes were set so wide apart they could see sideways as well as forward…” Page 9.


“In Pathways to the Gods, [1982. Erich] Von Daniken relates a number of legends [from a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific called Nauru] that involved gods [little g] coming from the sky…One of the gods has the name Nareau, which is perhaps where the name Nauru came from. Von Daniken eventually finds the stone grave of one of the giants…The grave is 5.3 meters long and piled high with stones.”

“He relates the local legend that goes along with the graves: that two Giants, apparently brothers, came to the island. They were twice as large as normal men and could lift massive stones and do other feats of great strength. The islanders, afraid of these giants, got them drunk on palm wine and then killed them so they could not do any mischief. They were buried in pits and covered with stones.”

“…What was most interesting to Von Daniken, and to me, were the GIANT FOOTPRINTS of Tarawa. A book has even been written about them, entitled The Footprints of Tarawa (it is extracted from the Journal of the Polynesian Society, Vol 58, No.4, December 1949, Wellington, New Zealand, and written by I.G. Turbott). This book mentions a number of places where these footprints can be found in the Kiribatis, [Islands] but the main spot is in the village of Banreaba at a spot called Te Aba-n-Anti, the “Place of the Spirits,” or Te Kananrabo, “the Holy Place.”

“Here various footprints can clearly be seen in the volcanic stone, some of them so huge as to seem impossible. MOST HAVE SIX TOES ON EACH FOOT. The largest are about three feet long, easily twice as large as the foot of an especially tall person…The footprints are reported to be very clear, with the toes, heels and outline distinct: naturally rounded and curved like a normal footprint. They were certainly not natural rock formations coincidently formed into footprints…These men [Giants] apparently had six toes and were probably ten to twelve feet tall…” Pages 192-193 


“According to The [Rosicrucian] Lemurian Fellowship and other sources, many inhabitants of the Pacific continent were in fact GIANTS, some standing twelve feet tall or more…Possibly, in the final submergence of the continent in a pole shift, survivors of the many waves of earthquakes and tidal waves sought refuge in the very peaks of mountains, many of which were volcanic. Shortly before or after the final submergence, these survivors (who probably didn’t survive) walked on the lava that was to become the Kiribati islands. This may have happened as recently as 24,000 years ago, if we are to believe The Lemurian Fellowship’s date for the submergence of this continent…”

“…As to giants with six toes who are twelve feet tall, Frank Edwards reports in his book, Stranger Than Science, [1959] that in 1833, soldiers digging a pit for a powder magazine at Lompock Rancho, California…hacked their way through a layer of cemented gravel and found the skeleton of a man about twelve feet tall. The skeleton was surrounded by carved shells, huge stone axes, and blocks of porphyry covered with unintelligible symbols. The giant also had a double row of teeth, both upper and lower! When local Indians began to attach religious significance to the skeleton and artifacts, the authorities ordered it secretly buried, to be lost to science.”

“Edwards goes on to say in his book: “This particular giant, incidentally, bore marked similarity to another, that of a giant man with double rows of teeth whose skeletal remains were dug up on Santa Rosa Island, off the California coast. Subsequent research has shown that he, or his descendants, feasted on the small elephants which once lived on that island and which have vanished, like the giants who ate them, countless ages ago.”


“Near Crittenden, Arizona, in 1891, workmen excavating for a commercial building came upon a huge stone sarcophagus eight feet below the surface. The contractor called in expert help, and the sarcophagus was opened to reveal a granite mummy case which had once held the body of a human being more than twelve feet tall—a human with six toes, according to the carving on the case. But the body has been buried so many thousands of years that it had long since turned to dust.” Page 194.

At this point I raise the question, whatever happened to the granite case depicting a detailed carving of the giant? As I’ve stressed before in my last essay, these artifacts conveniently go missing for the purposes of controlling our current paradigm of mainstream history.

“So, we suddenly see a correlation with six-toed giants on the west coast of North America with six-toed giants leaving footprints in ancient strata in the [Pacific] Kiribati Islands.” Pages 194-195


In Exhibit 13 from my paper: ‘Nibiru and the Atlantean Connection – Part Two,’ the reader will notice that the Irish Giant also has six toes and is approximately twelve feet tall. Just like the Polynesian Giants! The similarities are uncanny. Coincidence? It seems unlikely. Throughout my essays, I’ve been insisting that Giants had roamed the entire globe—within and on top of Earth—from some long forgotten age. And one such distant outpost that documented and recorded the Giants of Lemuria comes from Easter Island.

According to James Churchward, Easter Island was originally part of Lemuria akin to the Azores being originally part of Atlantis so it’s reasonable to consider tangible evidence would have been left behind documenting the Giant Lemurian race.

As it turns out, researcher and explorer Harold Wilkins addressed this by suggesting the original inhabitants were indeed Giants and that local islanders recorded what the Lemurians looked like, they replicated their “Taskmasters” in the form of giant statues. See below:


Exhibit D) Harold Wilkins (   Mysteries Of Ancient South America 1946)


“…who were these strange people who left the amazing number of 550 colossal images in Easter Island, of whom not even the unquiet sea whispers tales of old, unhappy things and battles long ago? May be, the answer is…in the book of Genesis: “There were giants on the earth in those days…” Page 28.


In James Churchward’s book,   The Lost Continent Of Mu  1926, (Exhibit E) he includes a map (see below) showing Easter Island and Hawaii being part of a larger Pacific landmass:


Another clue that lends credence to Easter Island and Hawaii being part of a larger continent comes from the same Giant Stone Heads found on each island. Notice the amazing facial similarity between the two images shown below, especially the lips. Are they ‘stylized’ replicas of Giants that once roamed Lemuria? I say yes!


Giant Head Statue from Easter Island


Giant Head Statue from Hawaii


Harold Wilkins had some interesting things to say about these colossal heads and the Giants of Easter Island. He writes the following:


Exhibit D) Harold Wilkins ( Mysteries Of Ancient South America ) continues:

“…This eerie island…Easter Island…lies 2,000 miles westwards into the eye of the sunset’s fires from the South American coast…Here all round were tall cliffs on the top of which ancient but very skilful architects and engineers had designed and erected a colossal platform made of megalithic stones, laid beautifully together without the bond of any cement or mortar. The imperious race who made this strange island-mausoleum were like the Egyptians of the old Pharoahs: they [the Giants] conscripted, for the work of raising these mighty stone blocks into position, slave-labour [local islanders—GJ].”


“…The “wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command” on the faces of these imperious colossi seems to menace anyone approaching the great amphitheatre from inland. Behind the grand platforms of cyclopean blocks the thunder of the great Pacific surges crashes on the beach, while the rude bourdon of the music of the South Pacific winds roars like an organ above the heads of these Ozymandiases, kings of kings. There are no fewer than 550 of these tremendous images of martial men and rulers, mostly without feet. Almost every face is arrogant and masterful—men of a race of world-conquering imperialists and militarists. Yet every face is different and individual…” Page 25.   

“Drawings in the rocks suggest that the [Giant] race sailed three-masted ships, and knew of four-footed birds. In some cases, [the race] have ears with enormous lobes, singularly reminding us of the Orejones, or long-eared warriors of the old Incas of Peru…” Page 27

Harold T. Wilkins also provides a great description of how the Lemurian Giants reacted when a pole-shift finally destroyed their homeland. See Below:  


Exhibit D) continues: 

“One day, while the [Easter Island] slaves and slave-artisans, under the eyes of their TASKMASTERS were putting the finishing touches to a number of heads of great figures lying in a vast quarry-crater of a workshop to which the avenues lead from the cliff-platforms…a stern-faced supervisor, cracking a hide-whip, had just stepped forward to flog the back of a craftsman who had been detected scamping the work on the back of one of the images, where he believed it would not be noticed. While the crack of the heavy thong still resounded in the hot air of a winless day, a black cloud seemed suddenly to cover the face of the sun. It spread very rapidly to the horizon. The ground heaved violently in tremendous tremors that lasted many minutes. The whole island shook to the rim and tops of the crater. Mountainous waves of an ocean infuriated and maddened by some tremendous force swept right over the tall cliffs and crashed on to the feet of the colossal images. The light of day went out. The night of total eclipse had come. A heavy black pall covered the vault of the heavens. Strange rains of blood-red water and white ash, mingled, cascaded on to the causeways and covered the dome of the great temple of ancestors…The terrified slaves in the quarry-workshop threw down their tools, heeding not the whips and curses of the TASKMASTERS, who, themselves, white to the very lips, began to stammer and to follow the headlong rush of the panic-stricken workers to the safety of caves in the neighbouring hillside.”

“…a gang of many hundreds of slaves had just hauled a cyclopean statue on to the platform where it was to be set up, when the island shook and the vast tidal waves swept right over the mighty balustrades. In the unearthly darkness, as of a last day on Earth, the terrified slaves cast off their hauling-ropes and the great trunk and head of the statue crashed on its face, with the head looking out to the maddened ocean, raging as under the force of a hundred typhoons. They fled, seeking safety and harbour, as they raced, many being crushed under the weight of mighty masonry and great carved stones, toppled over by the violent quakes. The quarry was abandoned, the keeper of the sacred mausoleum-temple fled with the rest, the architects, the officials, and the engineers. [Technicians literally became cavemen—GJ] May be, mephitic gases overtook them on their way to shelter in the secret caves of the cliffs on that dreadful island night; but those who managed to survive the long days and nights of cosmic cataclysm ran out on the cliffs to wait for the relieving food-ships that were never to come…For the mighty Pacific island-continent of …Mu…had toppled from her foundations deep, deep down into the hell of the abyss, and the boundless, heaving waters of the ocean now covered a whole vast land where life, legend whispers, had been one long dream of paradisiacal bliss, peace and prosperity, until one of its races, the men of blood and brawls, had turned it into almost continual fighting…” Pages 27-28.

In the passage below Wilkins describes the colossal statues with an interesting SYMBOL ENGRAVED ON THE NECKS and backs of their stone heads.

“Four splendid stone causeways radiate inland from the platforms. They are magnificently paved, and lined at intervals with splendidly carved statues of men. [Giants—GJ] They pass on to an open plaza of great extent where towers up into the sky a domed temple, many-sided and polygonal, with statues at every angle of the building…[One] symbol, a circle, sometimes cleft with a rod, and on some of the images themselves engraved in series on the necks or backs, imports that they also worshipped the sun; perhaps, an emblem of a… MYSTIC SUN: THE UNREVEALED GOD.” Page 26.

Who and what is this ‘unrevealed god’ and ‘mystic Sun’ mentioned by Wilkins? One answer may lie with a sun-like object dubbed the BAL STAR by James Churchward. [See Exhibit P-1; from my ‘Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection – Part 1 paper].

According to ancient Tibetan Naacal tablets studied by Churchward, he suggested it was the trigger or cause of Mu’s destruction. See Below:


Exhibit E) James Churchward (   The Lost Continent Of Mu 1926 – The complete edition reprint 1994.


“...Here is an interesting extract from the Lhasa Record: When the STAR OF BAL fell on the place where now is only the sky and the sea, [appeared to fall below the Pacific Ocean horizon-GJ] the seven cities with their golden gates and transparent temples, quivered and shook like the leaves in a storm; and, behold, a flood of fire and smoke arose from the palaces.


Agonies and cries of the multitude filled the air. They sought refuge in their temples and citadels, and the wise Mu-the Hieratic Ra Mu-arose and said to them: did I not predict all this? And the women and the men in their precious stones and shining garments lamented 'Mu, save us!' and Mu replied: 'You shall all die together with your servants and your riches, and from your ashes new nations shall arise. If they forget they are superior not because of what they put on but what they put out the same will befall them.'

Flames and smoke choked the words of Mu: the land and its inhabitants were torn to pieces and swallowed up by the depths. BAL is a Maya word meaning 'Lord of the Fields.” Pages 56 and 57.

Paralleling this, another answer may lie with a Basalt ‘Sun-Disc’ found in Australia by Marilyn Pye. See image to the right. This Sun-Disc is purported to be a relic from Lemuria! (From Exhibit B: Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the Pacific. Page 114) Note what looks like a prehistoric sea creature directly below.

To me this indicates the Sun-Disc was associated with the Pacific Ocean just as Mu’s Bal Star was.  

Could Marilyn Pye’s Lemurian Sun-Disc and James Churchward’s Bal Star be the same sun-like object—Nibiru? It is an intriguing possibility.




In the Introduction of this paper the question was asked: Have the Rosicrucians and Freemasons acquired ancient knowledge of a celestial intruder that is about to return, yet again? As I’ve stated earlier, this is indeed the case. Secret teachings and knowledge gleaned from subterranean libraries have been passed down from Elders to Adepts, possibly for thousands of years, originally coming from some lost civilization such as Mu.


Knowledge can also be passed down through symbology and a great example of this can be seen on the picture showing a Masonic ‘Landmark’ (see image right) erected in Massachusetts from 1763. (Exhibit F: ‘The History & Evolution of Freemasonry’ by Delmar Duane Darrah 1954, Page 30)

What’s fascinating here is the trinity indicated above the two-pillared Enochian archway consisting of the Sun, Moon and Star. Many researchers think the smaller star depicted is Venus, however I disagree.

Here’s why, if you look closely at the smaller star it is clearly above one of the two ‘pillars of Enoch’ and in connection with this researchers Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas write the following:


Exhibit G) Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas (   Uriel's Machine 1999)

“King Solomon built his famous temple at Jerusalem on a site that was already a Canaanite [Giant—GJ] sacred sanctuary, and according to the oral traditions of Freemasonry still in use today, when workmen were sent to clear the ground, they struck a stone that seemed to make a hollow sound.

Upon raising this stone, they discovered A VAULT BELOW which was found to be the remains of an Enochian temple. A workman is lowered down on a rope by his colleagues and discovers [only] one of the two pillars on which Enoch had engraved all the secrets of civilization that existed before the flood.”  Page 374.

The reader should know that Enoch was told by an angel named Uriel, to preserve the secrets of civilization on the two pillars because a global disaster was imminent. Masonic documents dating from the early 17th  century, known as the 'old charges' tell how everything dear to mankind existed before the disastrous Flood and had to be reconstructed by the survivors.

Now, Venus is usually represented as a five-pointed star. The smaller star shown here depicts seven points, possibly eight therefore it is my contention that the smaller sun-like object isn’t Venus at all. It’s the ‘missing star’ above the ‘missing pillar’ of Enoch.


I conclude that the star-like object boldly etched on the Masonic Landmark symbolizes the ‘cause’ of the disastrous Flood. In other words, this is the “Sun of Righteousness” — our solar system’s celestial intruder. The Freemason’s blazing star, the Tibetan Bal Star and yes, the Lemurian Sun Disc known as Nibiru.


Nibiru and the Lemurian Connection - Part Two


Written by Greg Jenner, author of

    Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Connection


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