The Greg Jenner Papers



Part Four




In the first three parts of this paper evidence was presented suggesting that elite societies were privy to the age-old secret of levitation. The Rosicrucian Order was one such group and Alchemists within acquired this ancient wisdom from antediluvian libraries hidden deep within the Earth’s crust. Furthermore, they discovered the fact that inner-earth terrestrials (who still reside within the Earth today) harnessed ‘anti-gravity’ by engineering and operating UFOs thousands of years ago. An esoteric technology the adepts eventually mastered themselves, deciphered not only from the written record, but also from direct communication with inner-earth emissaries—liaisons to the upper-world.

Continuing with this theme, I argue other secret societies were also in communication with inner-earth terrestrials and it appears the main objective of this dialogue was again to master the ‘flying-disc’ technology. The German Thule and Vril societies are excellent examples of this—spin off groups from the original Rosicrucians. In addition these societies, the Thule group in particular, discovered the whereabouts of polar tunnel openings or ‘bottomless pits’—Vimana gateways, if-you-will, to the subterranean world.

Another significant revelation I’ve uncovered indicates the subterranean dwellers actually worship a Black Sun! As a Dark Star researcher, this is important because the Thule society also spoke of a ‘Black Sun’ and referenced it with high regard. Why worship a Black Sun? I will shed some light on this question further on in the series. But first, let’s look into the origin of inner-earth terrestrials.  




Exhibit 20) Michael E. Salla (  Exopolitics ©2004)

“…The Nazis [composed mostly of Thule members] believed the “Aryans” were descendants of…[Giant god-like] supermen who had ruled the planet from [Ultima] Thule, ancient capital of this northern super-race. It can be concluded that the “supermen” the Nazis believed were…none other than the Anunnaki that [Zecharia] Sitchin had outlined in his work…” Page 232 


Exhibit 21) Jim Marrs (  Rule by Secrecy ©2000) 

“…After years of dedicated translation and study, Sitchin realized that the biblical Nefilim and the Sumerian Anunnaki [also] represented the same concept—that in the Earth’s most distant past, beings [originally] came down from the stars and founded the earliest civilizations, a theme which has run through nearly all secret societies, from Freemasonry to the Thule Society…”

Here is a quick summary of events, according to Sitchin:


Exhibit 21 continues…

“…About 450,000 years ago, a group of spacefaring humanoid extraterrestrials arrived at planet Earth. They came from a planet about three times the size of Earth, which the Sumerians called Nibiru [or the ‘12th planet’ that returns every 3600 years—GJ]…The Anunnaki began a systematic colonization of Earth under the leadership of Anu’s two [rival] sons Enil and Enki. All of the Anunnaki leaders were…to assume the role of “gods,” or Nefilim, to their human subjects. Amazingly enough, one of these Nefilim was named NAZI. One must wonder if the twentieth century German occultists knew of this connection [and thus the Anunnaki/Nefilim/Aryan connection was born—GJ]…” Pages 379-382.


“…Over thousands of years Earth time—but only a few years to the Anunnaki—a thriving colony of these [Giant] visitors was put in place and their attention turned to their primary objective—[use homo-erectus as slaves to mine] gold…[a mineral needed to save their dying planet’s atmosphere, however]… problems for these extraterrestrial colonists arose due to climate changes, which caused hardships among the Anunnaki, and the unrelenting drudgery of the mining operations…” Pages 382-383. 


“The Anunnaki had been mining gold on Earth for more than 100,000 years [however the homo-erectus stock was beginning to weaken]…the rank-and-file Anunnaki, who were [now] doing [most of] the back-breaking work in the mines, mutinied about 300,000 years ago…” [A great assembly was held in response to this mutiny and under the direction of Enki it was decided to manipulate the DNA of homo-erectus and create modern man for the purposes of continuing their mining operations—GJ]

“…The result of this human population growth and their increasingly close contact with the Anunnaki was predictable. Genesis 6:1-4 related, “When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God (the Nefilim/Anunnaki) saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose…The Nefilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them…” Page 389

“…about twelve thousand years ago…the Anunnaki leadership realized that severe [Earth] changes would occur with the imminent return of the planet Nibiru. [How ironic. The very planet that sustained them was about to destroy them during this particular fly-by—GJ] …According to the Sumerian texts, it was Enil’s rival brother Enki who [was sympathetic to homo-sapiens and] instructed…Noah how to construct an ark…” [To save humanity from the looming disaster] Pages 390-391.  

So there you have it. Is Sitchin’s Sumerian account entirely accurate? You be the judge.

Other researchers suggest one faction of the Anunnaki, under the direction of Enil, escaped off-planet until the flood-waters receded. While others, with the assistance of Enki, (ki meaning subterranean I might add) escaped within the world-wide mining tunnel system, now known as the Agharti tunnel system.

According to the subterranean legend of Shambhala, Tibetan lamas say Giant inner-earth inhabitants (Anunnaki/Aryans) initially resided in the Boreal region of the Earth and were the last remaining deluge survivors of the ‘White Island’ better known as Hyperborea-Thule. Quoting from Jean-Claude Frere’s Nazime et socites secretes (1974) esoteric researcher Joscelyn Goodwin provides the following:


From Exhibit 2) Joscelyn Goodwin (   ARKTOS: The Polar Myth ©1993)

“After the cataclysm that made [the White Island or] Hyperborea uninhabitable, perhaps…the inhabitants migrated to the region now covered by the Gobi Desert and there founded a new seat: Agartha. [See Part One—GJ] People flocked from all directions to this “center of the world,” which enjoyed 2000 years of brilliant civilization. Then another catastrophe occurred, its cause unknown: the surface of the region was devastated, but Agartha survived underground. Thither the great initiates traveled—Frere mentions Pythagoras [and] Apollonius of Tyana…to receive orders from the Masters of the World. The Aryan people migrated [underground?] in two directions: one went north and west, hoping to return to their Hyperborean homeland [Ultima Thule] and to conquer their lost territories. A second group went south, to the Himalayas, and their founded another secret center in underground caverns [Shambhala]…” Page 80.   


From Exhibit 6) Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier (  The Morning of the Magicians ©1964)

“The ‘Initiates’ of the Thule Group were convinced that these [subterranean] survivors were Aryans, members of the original [Anunnaki] race from which all humanity had sprung…” Page 198.

Another proponent of Aryans and the Agarthian legend was Louis Jacolliot (1837-1890) and it was he who concluded the Aryans were originally ‘Brahmins’ of ancient India. Jacolliot’s belief was no-doubt adopted by the Thulists. However, in connection with the Hyperborean cataclysm, it was Saint-Yves who spoke of cyclical pole-shifts derived from Aryan/Brahmanical wisdom. In January 1897 Saint-Yves divulged this startling revelation, in the form of a corresponding letter to his French disciple named Papus, stating that planet Earth goes through a “Fourth” movement as yet unknown to science. See Below:


From Exhibit 2) Joscelyn Goodwin (   ARKTOS: The Polar Myth) 

“…The passage in which he explains [from a Christian point of view] the changes of the earth deserve to be read in full: 

“The 11,500 years of which you speak are the result of a calculation on the Brahminical astronomical cycles. And, after the cycle concerned, maritime Europe, AS OUR GEOGRAPHERS KNOW IT, will have the same fate as [Ultima Thule and] Atlantis about a dozen centuries from now. The law of this cycle is inherent in the fact of a FOURTH TERRESTRIAL MOVEMENT, AS YET UNKNOWN TO SCIENTISTS. The fact, and its law, are the consequence of a spiritual Principal of beneficence and general order, violated from age to age by the perversity of the dominant races. This principle, divine in its nature, tends to maintain or restore the Earth to equilibrium, i.e. with its axis coinciding with that of the heavens, and hence in the planet’s normal biological state.

"Now, the deviation in the human substance brought about that of the entire planetary substance—of the whole planet: the rapid mobilization of the magnetic meridian in little cycles, ending with a cycle of eighteen years; the inclination of the Poles (third large-scale movement); and finally the POLAR SUBVERSION AND RECENSION, SENDING CAIN TO THE LAND OF NOD, precipitating the summit from its zenith to its nadir; in a word, BURYING BENEATH THE SEAS THE IMPIOUS RACE AND ITS CONTINENT. Keep to yourself, dear Sir, these redoubtable secrets of the ancient university of the Patriarchal Church, A TERRIBLE SECRET among many others, also known to the Prophets and disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ. More than ever, the truth must be kept from the profane; not only for love of the truth, but also out of charity towards those who would desecrate it.” Page 213. 

This amazing passage by Saint-Yves gives tantalizing clues of a subterranean “impious race” (See Part One) that was buried due to a cataclysmic pole shift. A secret even Jesus Christ himself knew about. Throughout my papers I’ve argued the only way a pole shift can occur is from the passing of a near-by planetary body such as Nibiru. The first century Roman Philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca also hinted of a pole shift: See below:

“A time will come in later years when the Ocean will unloose the bands of things, when the immeasurable Earth will lie open, when seafarers will discover new countries, and [Ultima] ‘Thule’ will no longer be the extreme point among the lands.” – Quote from Seneca’s “Medea”




Exhibit 22) Dusty Sklar (Gods and Beasts: The Nazis and the Occult ©1977) 

“…[Baron Rudolf von] Sebottendorff [Grand Master of the Thule lodge and founder back in 1918] had a love-hate relationship with …Freemasons. They were the prototype for most secret organizations. “The old Freemasonry,” he said, “had been a keeper of secrets which they had learned from the Aryan[/Anunnaki] wisdom and from the alchemists...” Pages 28-29.

The quote above suggests the Thule Society quite possibly could have acquired ancient manuscripts from a rich legacy of Alchemists, exactly how many manuscripts unearthed is anyone’s guess. The Thule Society obtained their name (pronounced Toolay) from a mythological landmass named ‘Hyperborea’ that existed beyond the North Pole.

According to Thulists, Ultima-Thule was the home of the Hyperborean/Aryan race and it was Rudolf von Sebottendorff who was responsible for initiating this esoteric belief into the heartland of Germany.

From the outset, Thulists were very interested in Iceland an explored it extensively. Why? Well, according to Pytheas, the famous Greek navigator from the 4th century BC, Thule was a six-day sea voyage north of Britain, so the Germans deduced Iceland had to be the location of modern day ‘Thule.’ However, what I find most intriguing is the fact that they believed in the existence of another ‘twin’ island landmass similar to Iceland located on the opposite side of Greenland ‘beyond the north-pole.’

In-other-words, the Thule Society thought if they uncovered clues within Iceland this would spring-board them to the landmass they were ultimately searching for—the original homeland of the Aryan Race, Ultima Thule.

Does a remnant landmass of Ultima Thule still exist today? Provided below are two magazine articles to support this. They are lengthy but I feel it is necessary for the reader to be informed with background information as to why this island homeland is so significant, which will become apparent further on in the paper.


Exhibit 23) Marcus Baker (National Geographic Magazine ©Apr. 28, 1893) Article entitled: ‘Undiscovered Island off the coast of Alaska’

 “On a [German] map of the polar regions published in Gotha eleven years ago, land is indicated as existing north-northeastward from point Barrow, the northernmost point of Alaska…I have not succeeded in finding this land indicated on any other map, neither have I found any published statement respecting it...”

“…That there is an undiscovered or rather unvisited land somewhere north or east of point Barrow is a matter of common talk among the Whalers who annually visit this region. Captain John Keenan, of Troy, New York, master of the whaling bark Stamboul, of New Bedford reports that he and all his crew saw it while on a whaling voyage some time during the [eighteen] seventies. The Eskimos have traditions of this land and of a visit to it by their fathers “long ago."           

“The known facts respecting this hypothetical (or should we say real?) land are…all unpublished. It is therefore seemed to me desirable to put these few facts on record, and that no place was more suitable than the journal of a society devoted to the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge.”            

“The facts have all come to me through my old friend Captain E. P. Herendeen, who, at my request, has written the account to which these remarks are intended merely as an introduction. Captain Herendeen, a native of Woods Holl, Massachusetts, has been for many years engaged in whaling, having entered the Arctic in pursuit of whales as early as 1850…” 


“From the natives and through Captain Keenan [circled in the picture] of the whaling fleet he has obtained the following information, which he has kindly written out for the National Geographic Society. I beg to suggest the desirability of calling this very little-known land KEENAN ISLAND....” [See Exhibit 27] 

“Among the many traditions of the point Barrow Eskimo the following is not without geographic interest: Since no account is kept by them of the lapse of time, it is impossible to fix a date to any story related by them previous to the life of their father or grandfather. Their simple answer to any question regarding the date of these occurrences is always the same, “eidr«rnee” (long ago). Our story is this: An Eskimo was out on a whale hunt with his umiak and crew (in April or May).

"Venturing much farther than their companions and being encompassed by ice, they were carried away to the north and east by the moving pack until at last they CAME IN SIGHT OF A STRANGE LAND…”           

“These tales, by whomsoever related, seem to bear testimony to one point, viz, of land somewhere to the north and east of point Barrow, which has been seen by some of these people under such circumstances of hardship, distress and loss of life as to have fixed the event in their minds and been related by father to son for perhaps many generations. It is often told that natives wintering between Harrison and Camden bays have SEEN LAND TO THE NORTH IN THE BRIGHT, CLEAR DAYS OF SPRING.”

“In the winter of 1886-’87, Uzharlu, an enterprising Eskimo of Ootkeavie, was very anxious for me to get some captain to take him the following summer, with his family, canoe and outfit, to the northeast as far as the ship went, and then he would try and find this MYSTERIOUS LAND of which he had heard so much; but no one cared to bother with this venturesome Eskimo explorer. So confident was this man to the truth of these reports that he was eager to sail away into the unknown, like another Columbus, in search of an ESKIMO PARADISE.”          

“In the winter of 1887 several of the most intelligent of the cape Smyth Eskimo came to me about dusk of the evening of February 15 and reported that three strange men had come up from the southwest along the shore ice, and appeared very weary, but on coming opposite the village (which could not have been seen by the travelers before) they quickened their pace, turned abruptly off shore, and disappeared in the ice-pack. It was just as the sun was setting and the strangers could be seen distinctly, but not until they had gotten into the rough ice did it occur to these people standing on the bank that these three wanderers were strangers indeed; and the more they talked the matter over the more wonderful it seemed that any tired hunter should pass their village without stopping for rest and refreshment. It was evident that they turned away in fear when they saw the village and the people standing on the bank. Who could these men be who turned away from their hospitable village, where food and a warm welcome awaited them? They reasoned that every man on the coast from point Hope to point Barrow was known to all the others, and knew he would be welcomed to food and shelter. The more they talked, the stranger it seemed, until the conclusion was reached that these were “inutumuktua,” (LOST PEOPLE) and of course their home must be the MYSTERIOUS LAND OF THEIR FATHERS’ TRADITION. As a proof of this they said these three men wore white clothing, which was most likely made of white bear skins, while the Eskimo of the coast wear brown clothing made of reindeer skins....” 

“…From my knowledge of the Eskimo, I am sure no one acquainted would have passed a village without stopping. It was near night, yet these men in evident alarm turned off shore into the ice pack and were never seen again...” 


“…The only report of land having been seen by civilized man in this vicinity was made by Captain John Keenan, of Troy, New York, in the seventies. He was at the time in command of the whaling bark Stamboul, of New Bedford. Captain Keenan said that after taking several whales the weather became thick, and he stood to the north under easy sail, and was busily engaged in trying out and stowing down the oil taken. WHEN THE FOG CLEARED OFF, LAND WAS DISTINCTLY SEEN TO THE NORTH by him and all the men of his crew; but, as he was not on a voyage of discovery and there were no whales in sight, he was obliged to give the order to keep away from the south in search of them. The success of his voyage depended on keeping among whales.”  

“This fact was often discussed among the whalemen on the return of the fleet to San Francisco in the fall. The position of Captain Keenan’s ship at the time land was seen and passed from my mind, except that it was between Harrison and Camden bays. A letter addressed to Captain Keenan by the writer in February, asking for more definite information as to date and position of his ship and other points of interest, failed to reach him and was returned.” [END]


General A. W. Greely (one of the 33 founding fathers of the National Geographic Society) further commented in the article and seemed to be surprised of Mr. Baker’s reference to the German map from 1882 indicating a landmass north-north eastward from Point Barrow, Alaska. Surprised because Greely did not have access to this particular German map. This is important because, like me, he was probably thinking how did the Germans acquire this information and why were they so interested in an Island landmass up in this region? In my opinion, there’s a connection here between the German Gotha paper reported by Mr. Baker and the steadfast search for the Germans ancient heritage of an Aryan homeland.


Exhibit 24) Sumner N. Blossom, Editor (Popular Science Monthly Magazine ©Dec. 1923) Article entitled: Will the ZR-1 Discover a Polar Paradise?


 “…In the center of the unknown area of the Polar Sea may be discovered a vast [island] heated by subterranean fires, and inhabited by the descendants of the last Norwegian colony of Greenland!  So wild is the idea as to tax the most gullible imagination. Yet it is vividly encouraged and supported not only by history and tradition, but by the searching test of scientific analysis. Witness the astounding facts:

“Within the boundaries of the Polar Sea spreads the greatest unexplored area on the surface of the globe: 1,000,000 square miles on which no human eye has gazed!…Most of this enormous wilderness lies on the Alaskan side of the Pole. On the European side lies Iceland at a point corresponding roughly to the center of the unknown area opposite it across the top of the world. This fact is significant. Experts are in nearly unanimous agreement that a new arctic land will be found by the ZR-1. Doctor Harris, the tidal expert in Washington, D. C., long ago declared that the data he had worked out from polar ocean currents all convinced him that the existence of a large land-mass near the North Pole is indisputable.”


“Will the ancestors of the Lost Colony of Vikings who mysteriously vanished from Greenland centuries ago be found inhabiting a steam heated polar [island]? Eskimo tradition paints in vivid terms the White Men swarming suddenly northwards to a wonderland the natives long had known - a land of endless summer, rich in vegetation and game.”

“Add to this the array of evidence geologists adduce on the basis of terrific volcanic activity along a well-defined line leading up the North Pacific, through the Japanese archipelago, and the fiery Aleutians, and onward toward the Pole. This seismic axis plotted on the globe nearly bisects the unknown area of the Polar Ocean. Further, were this line swung through 180 degrees, it would touch Iceland, one of the most fiercely volcanic spots on earth. Another significant fact.”

“Still more: Not many years ago, in a particularly open season, the American whaler, Captain Keenan, reported that he saw a land northeast of Point Barrow. Peary, from Cape Thomas Hubbard, sighted distant peaks northwest. Such evidence is incontrovertible. The new [island] seems already within our grasp!…”

Now for its probable inhabitants.    

“Eric the Red discovered Greenland in 985 A.D. He brought back glowing tales of grassy fiords, long sunlit days, game-infested hills, ice-pans groaning under their burden of fat seals, bays teeming with fish.” 

“Dark ages passed, Nature bred again in men the will to search her world for knowledge and for wealth. Greenland was rediscovered. Hans Egede established the first modern settlement there in 1721. But the grim report he made was tragic beyond belief:  

“The Norwegian colony, 10,000 people - perhaps 100,000 - had, to a man, mysteriously disappeared!
“The greatest riddle in the history of the world," it has been called - the baffling mystery of the lost Norse colony. Where did they go? Where didn't they go is a question more easily answered. Not to sea in ships, for they had but one or two; and Greenland, lying above the tree-line, gave them no timber for building more. Not slain by Eskimos, for Eskimos are the most peace-loving people in the world, knowing nothing of the art of war. Not, like Europe, swept by some dread germ of awful virulence, for germs don't thrive in polar regions.”

“What then? Examine the Eskimo tradition: It paints in vivid terms the White Men swarming suddenly north to a wonderland the natives long had known. Because of evil spirits, no Eskimo had ever dared this trail.”

“With my own eyes I have seen in Greenland  the ruined stone houses of the lost Norwegian colony", writes Commander Green. "With Donald B. MacMillan I have tried to reach the polar [island], believed to lie in the Polar Sea North of  Canada.” 


“As an arctic explorer of wide experience, Commander Green - now aid to Admiral Williams, President of the Naval War College at Newport, R.I. - has made an exhaustive study of  the fascinating possibilities of discovery of which he writes. Following his graduation from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, he joined the CROCKER LAND Arctic Expedition [see Exhibit 27—GJ] as engineer and physicist in 1913. He spent 3 ˝ years in the polar regions. In the spring of 1914, with MacMillan and two Eskimos, he sledged more than 1,000 miles up across Ellesmere Land and out into the Polar Sea in search of land that tidal experts insist must lie in this million square miles of unexplored area. They also explored an unknown portion of Axel Heiberg's Land.”                                             

Lieut.-Cmdr. Fitzhugh Green, U.S.N.. [shown here] from a photograph taken in the Arctic. 



“…This land, the explorer believes, may be about the size of Pennsylvania, and may be encircled by a lofty volcanic range of mountains buried in eternal ice and snow. Behind a veil of fog may lie a fertile plateau where heat, from hot springs, geysers and boiling pools defies the cold. The illustration shows the possible habitations of the modern descendants of a vanished race of Norsemen.”

Lured Northward 

“Picture the terrible situation in which the deserted Norsemen in Greenland found themselves: No outlet for their trade. No source of supply for the little but indispensable luxuries of life. No access to friends and families back home.”

“A generation - two, perhaps - of heartbreak and of longing; unhappiness goading the younger men to travel northward. Perhaps a route to southern lands lay that way. Suddenly like a bombshell breaks upon the weary colony the wonderful news: "We've found a polar paradise! Sunshine! Game! Grass! One moon's easy journey north! A short lap on the sea ice! Come!”

“What had they to wait for? A Century had passed since the last ship sailed. The last man who had seen a real Norwegian had died. The homeland was but a myth. So they "packed and, singing songs, departed," the native legend puts it, "suddenly to the northward." They never returned. The fact is not at all surprising if what we think is true - that they found a land of milk and honey in the very center of the polar pack. And it is perfectly logical to suppose that their descendants will be found up there next summer by the dirigible ZR-1, in dramatic isolation.”


“This map shows the proposed transpolar air route of the ZR-1 from Alaska to Norway. Cutting the distance to European and Asiatic capitals from 11,000 to 5000 miles, this route would pass across what may geologists believe to be an unexplored polar [island] on the opposite side of the Pole from Iceland. The curving dotted line indicates the possible route whit the "lost Norsemen" may have followed to this imagined arctic wonderland.”


“It is no speculation of wild improbability to picture a polar paradise, like some titan emerald in its alabaster setting. At Disco, Greenland, orchids warmed by natural hot springs blossom out of doors through the bitter sunless winter months! Weighing carefully all the facts available, we may set the area of the new land at about 50,000 square miles, or roughly the size of the state of Pennsylvania. Its perimeter is bulwarked by a quake-distorted range of mountains buried in eternal ice and snow, and rearing 10,000 feet into the sky. Twisting fiords penetrate the ragged ice-gnarled coast...”

“…No savages are these DESCENDANTS OF THE VANISHED COLONY. Indeed, we shall be mistaken if they are not FAR IN ADVANCE of our own smug selves in culture, learning, deportment, and social refinement. They have HARNESSED NATURAL ENERGY to an amazing degree. THEY KNOW THE TRUTHS OF OTHER WORLDS. THEY HAVE MASTERED THE SECRETS OF HEALTH.”

This amazing statement by commander Green implies the Lost Colony is well in advance of our own society, “They know the truth about other worlds.” Does this include knowledge of the solar system and a subterranean world?  Thulean overtones ring loud and clear in Green’s bold statement. The Popular Science article continues…

“The ZR-1 may get away by early June. The weather then is calm; the daily temperature just above the freezing point. After her 6,000-mile flight from Lakehurst to Point Barrow, from which she will eventually take off, there must be a period of final grooming; possibly a trial or two out over the icefields. And by the Fourth of July, 1924, we should know the answer to this most thrilling of all man's geographical conundrums. Does a polar paradise exist? And, if so, are the vanished Norsemen there?”


 “Commander Green's own…drawing, showing a cross section of the…arctic [island] - an undulating, fertile plateau, steam heated by hot springs, geysers and boiling pools and rimmed by a volcanic range of mountains. Behind this barrier rises a veil of vapor.” [END] 

After acquiring these two magazine articles, I looked at numerous Arctic charts and maps to see whether another island does indeed exist to the extreme north of Point Barrow, Alaska. A futile search ensued of course and was about to give up when, low-and-behold, I located an “Unknown Island” on a map in the high arctic that wasn’t supposed to be there!


The scanned image above was obtained from ‘Readers Digest – Atlas of the World’ ©1990 (Exhibit 25) and as you can see an Island exists almost spot-on to where Commander Green predicted it would be! I’ve added captions to the original map (on page 46 in the Atlas) indicating the locations of Iceland and the Unknown Island. The landmass is much smaller than Green’s Pennsylvania-sized landmass, never-the-less, the Island is there and as far as I’m concerned its very physical and very real. 

Arctic explorer Captain MacMillan, mentioned by Green in the 1923 Popular Science magazine article, was also convinced that this Arctic Island existed. Dubbed Crocker Land, he sighted it numerous times during his 1914 expedition. What frustrated MacMillan though was the fact that on clear sunny days he failed to observe it, however from the same vantage-point and with the same weather conditions, the Island magically appeared on the edge of the horizon. This could only mean one thing:


Exhibit 26) Jan Lamprecht (  Hollow Planets ©1998) 

“…Crocker Land had to be a mirage. They watched it change during the day as the sun moved…as MacMillan approached it, he found [Crocker Land] receding. Also when [MacMillan] retreated, he found the mirage at times behind him appearing near at hand when in fact he knew it could not possibly be…what if Crocker land was A MIRAGE OF SOMETHING MUCH FURTHER AWAY?


"Could this be true for [observations made of] KEENAN LAND…too? Could these lands somehow be related? Could these be different [magnified] views of one single [landmass]?…” Page 434.


Exhibit 27) ‘The Arctic regions’ Specimen Map ©1907 by the J. N. Matthews Company, Buffalo N.Y.)

The map shown below illustrates Lamprecht’s statement of how Crocker Land (circled lower-right) and Keenan Land (circled upper-left) were probably magnified ‘mirages’ of the same island landmass situated much further up in the high arctic.


Is this “unknown Island” a remnant landmass of mythical Ultima Thule for which the German Thule society was actively seeking? I say yes. By now you are probably asking what does this ‘Island Paradise’ have to do with UFOs? Well to answer this one has to go far back into the remote past. Greek mythology tells us that the god Apollo (little g) was a Hyperborean and according to mythological scholars Pythagoras was taught by Apollo himself. In turn Pythagoras taught his students the principles of sacred geometry within ancient mystery schools, knowledge the Rosicrucians eventually acquired themselves.


From Exhibit 17) Geoffrey Ashe (  The Ancient Wisdom 1977) 

“…Pythagoras is said to have been instructed…by a[nother] Hyperborean guru called Abaris…who rode through the air upon—a golden arrow. Arrows as MAGICAL VEHICLES, or as emblems of MAGICAL FLIGHT, are part of Siberian lore to this day…” Page 175. 

So as you can see from the above reference, flying vehicles were connected with the northern Hyperborean homeland of Ultima Thule. A location, I argue, is situated toward the pole on the Canadian arctic side far north of Point Barrow Alaska. This island—shrouded in ‘perpetual fog’ according to Commander Green—is not recorded on any modern arctic chart therefore I cannot discount the possibility that mapmakers (belonging to secret societies) would purposely omit this geographical region known to have UFO activity. Outlandish you say? Well one only has to look on a Nevada map just north of Las Vegas to a secret location dubbed AREA 51. Others call it S4. You will not find it on any map either for there is a rumored top-secret ‘flying-disc’ program in an underground facility there as well. Yet satellite imagery reveals a facility does indeed exist there.

Yes, I realize many satellite images have been taken of the arctic today, however, cloudless images are almost impossible to obtain due to extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, only a handful of explorers have been in and around the region in question therefore the island would be easily missed if shrouded in perpetual layers of cloud and fog. Besides, to ‘white-out’ an Island landmass on an arctic map (surrounded by pack-ice) could be easily done just prior to publishing it to the general public. Check this out for yourself.

Some believe the Thule society sent Nazi expeditions to remote parts of the Earth in search of entrances to the inner-world. Ultima Thule (Point 103) in the Canadian Arctic, just mentioned, and Bunger’s Oasis (Base 211) in the Antarctic. Access to these hidden sites would give vital information about the Aryan/Anunnaki race still resident inside the Earth. The Thule society claimed to be in constant communication with an advanced human-like race with Nordic blonde-haired blue-eyed features now inhabiting the subterranean realm, accessible from the polar-regions.  

Based on the Popular Science 1923 magazine article, I suggest the lost Norwegian colony from Greenland also stumbled across this northern polar opening when they found their polar paradise (Ultima Thule). In doing so, they must have extensively explored the vertical tunnel opening eventually contacting inner-earth terrestrials akin to the Nazi expedition endeavors. I cannot discount this possibility, especially when Commander Green himself suggested that the Greenland ‘Lost Colony’ was now more advanced than our own culture. Did he have inside information for stating this? If the case, I argue the Nazis probably encountered descendants of the Norwegian lost colony that assimilated into inner-earth society long ago. The Norwegians (Nordic Blondes) now work for the Anunnakian descendants by operating and flying some of their flying discs. An ancient technology the Nazis desired and desperately wanted themselves for obvious reasons.


There is much literature indicating the northern polar opening is through the Arctic Ocean, however I suggest the entrance is located near or on the remnant landmass of Ultima Thule itself. (Commander Green’s altered diagram, above, illustrates my point) If so, one can understand why this fog-enshrouded island has been omitted from all geographical maps. It encompasses a vertical tunnel entrance into the subterranean realm, a ‘bottomless pit’ if-you-will and the point of origin for many UFO’s! This alone would no doubt be a ‘national security’ issue for many counties.

According to my research a top-secret military base now exists at Ultima Thule akin to S4 at Area 51 in Nevada. This came about from clandestine diplomatic relations opening up with the Nordic-blondes. It also appears advanced ‘flying-disc’ information was obtained just prior to World War II as a result of this contact with the subterranean dwellers.


Nibiru and the UFO Connection - Part Five

Written by Greg Jenner, author of

    Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Connection


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