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Author and Artist Andy Lloyd

Paintings of Daniela Sendula, by Andy Lloyd


A model based in Vienna took a shine to my portraiture a few years ago. Her name is Daniela Sendula, originally Croatian.


She very kindly gave me permission to produce a series of paintings based upon photographs in her modelling portfolio, for which I am most grateful. 

You can see the 11 paintings here. 

They have a distinctly European character to them.

The paintings range from traditional paintings of Venetian scenes to subtle glamour. 

All of these paintings were created using acrylic onto canvas board. 

The following two paintings are among the most lifelike and provocative I have yet painted.

These next two paintings were painted in a film noir style, firstly in acrylic and then in watercolour:


This final picture of the set is far more traditional, and colourful!


Written by Andy Lloyd, with thanks to Daniela

author of 'The Dark Star' (2005), 'Ezekiel One' (2009), 'The Followers of Horus' (2010) and 'Darker Stars' (2019)

Published by Timeless Voyager Press