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'The Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence'

by Andy Lloyd, 2005


ISBN: 1-892264-18-8


After 6 years of research, the Dark Star Theory is finally available in book format, available through all good book shops. 'The Dark Star' is 328 pages long, is beautifully illustrated and fully referenced.  The book takes you on an exciting journey of scientific discovery into the mysterious realms beyond Neptune and Pluto.  It explores the complexities of the outer solar system in straightforward English, stripping the Science of its jargon, yet not compromising on content! 

Author Andy Lloyd describes the history of the hunt for Planet X, from the discovery of Pluto right through to Sedna and Xena.  He takes the 'Nemesis' theory and establishes the potential for the existence of a sub-brown dwarf, or Dark Star, within the inner Oort Cloud.  He then ties this scenario in with the mythological planet 'Nibiru' in a new and startling way. 

From these possibilities, our understanding of the nature of our solar system changes irrevocably.  We are forced to face up to dangers to the Earth previously unconsidered.

'The Dark Star' is available by ordering from your local book shop, quoting the ISBN number 1-892264-18-8.  It retails for $21.95, and signed copies are available from the author.









'Ezekiel One'

by Andy Lloyd

'Ezekiel One: A Novel' by Andy Lloyd

Timeless Voyager Press, 2009

ISBN-10: 1892264250

Perfect Bound, 6x9, 206 pages

$16.95/ £12

$15 directly from the publisher

It's been several years since I wrote a book.  During that time I've been listening to your feedback about my previous publication, 'Dark Star'.  My aim with the new book is to bring a new audience to the ideas about the Dark Star, as well as to present some brand new ideas for my long-standing readership to consider. 

'Ezekiel One' is a novel about conspiracy, 2012, Planet X and the battle over Truth.  It takes a long, hard look at the way the Planet X subject is covered by the media, and how it can be undermined by debunkers.  Because of the speculation about conspiracy, particularly regarding NASA, it seemed to be a good idea to make the book a fictional piece.  That format also allows me to go deeper into the ideas of Zecharia Sitchin, and to speculate about the Anunnaki and their role in our modern world.  

The book is a science fiction thriller full of political intrigue and hard-headed action.  I hope you'll enjoy it as much as my editors and proof-readers have.  A huge amount of work has gone into creating 'Ezekiel One', and I could not have achieved it without the help and support of Bruce, Monika, Lee, and Fiona.  I am most grateful to them, and to all my readers for your support down the years.














'The Followers of Horus'

by Andy Lloyd

 'The Followers of Horus' - The second Dark Star novel by Andy Lloyd

ISBN 978-1892264275

$16.95/ £11.50

Publication date: 1st May 2010

200 pages

"NASA’s super-secret spaceflight to the Dark Star is barely a third of the way into its fifteen year mission when things begin to unravel.  Tensions between the crew of Ezekiel One and their mysterious mission controller, Etienne Lille, are building, with potentially disastrous consequences. 

"Meanwhile, on Earth, an unexpected lead brings journalist Bill Bainbridge back into the hunt for the location of the Dark Star - information which will blow apart the entire conspiracy.  Without his knowledge, his actions are being guided by a tangled web of Military Intelligence operatives, aided by the enigmatic “Tall Man”, Nathan Keye.   When the Ezekiel One black project runs into serious trouble, a third power emerges, aided by the uncompromising Followers of Horus.  For the first time in millennia, humans experience how it feels to become slaves of a god. 

"As Ezekiel One finally approaches the planet Nibiru, the crew wonder how things could possibly get worse…"

Some thoughts concerning the origin of the ideas behind "The Followers of Horus" - The Egyptian god Horus is of course a centrally important member of their ancient stellar religion. Born in the sky of Isis (Sirius), each Pharoah was thought to be an incarnation of the god Horus.  So symbolically I portrayed the brown dwarf as Horus (the son of the Sun), Horus also represents the re-born god Marduk, who appears on the spaceship Ezekiel One on it's way to Nibiru. 

I have only ever come across one reference to the Followers themselves - in a book by Adrian Gilbert entitled 'Magi'.  Since then, I have not been able to find the exact reference in the book, but his essential idea was that the Biblical Magi were part of a wider brotherhood anticipating the return of the Horus-King. I've extrapolated that concept fictionally to a modern super-secret cult within the Roman Church.







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"Darker Stars"


Subtitled "New Evidence - The Scope of Our Growing Solar System, Planet X, Invisible Planetoids, Gas Giants, Comets, Planet Nine, and More…"

by Andy Lloyd

Timeless Voyager Press, 2018

ISBN 978-1892264558


Author and researcher Andy Lloyd returns to non-fiction with this popular science book about Planet X and the mysteries of the outer solar system.

"Darker Stars explores the often contentious subject of Planet X. Building upon the historically hot-and-cold hunt for an additional planet in our solar system, the author examines the recent resurgence of scientific interest in this subject, in the re-branded form of Planet Nine. The elusive nature of this object provides the impetus for a hypothesis about planet building in interstellar space, and associated phenomena. In particular, free-floating planetary mass objects and sub-brown dwarfs exemplify the anomalous new characters shaking the foundation of the classic star/planet boundary.

"Our solar system, too, is full of anomalies, strongly implying the presence of another massive planetary body. As our understanding of dark bodies in interstellar space builds, the author argues whether the existence of Planet X-type bodies should now be considered the new norm. With over 100 images and sources, approximately 500 references, and an extensive index, Darker Stars provides a robust and scientifically-based study of the re-fashioned outer solar system."

The book is 376 pages long, and is published by Timeless Voyager Press in a 6"x9" paperback format, available through Amazon.  There is a vast amount of information about the mysteries of the outer solar system within the book.  'Darker Stars' brings together years of Dark Star blogs, updated with up-to-date material, and then completely re-written into a comprehensive and fully-referenced non-fiction book:


'Dark Star' available from Amazon in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.:













'Dark Star' also available directly from the publisher:

 Timeless Voyager Press, PO Box 6678, Santa Barbara, CA 93160


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Signed and dedicated copies of the book can be obtained directly from the author, Andy Lloyd, who is based in England. 

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'Winged Disc: The Dark Star Theory'
by Andy Lloyd © 2001


This 140,000 word book is a large work, and is both illustrated and fully referenced.  In addition to an extensive coverage of the material contained in the Dark Star Theory web-site, 'Winged Disc' includes additional papers not available on-line: Nibiru and Nostradamus, the 'Planet Behind the Sun', the Zodiac of the Dark Star, and further evidence of Nibiru's passages through the solar system. It remains the classic format of the Dark Star Theory. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer it at the current time as my supplies have now run out.


"Your grasp of the centrality of "Nibiru" in ancient science and religion is commendable"  Zecharia Sitchin

"Seminal Work"  Lloyd Pye


Book Review of 'Winged Disc' by Joan d'Arc

'Winged Disc' On-line Illustrations

'Winged Disc' Contents


The New Conspiracy Reader



I would also like to draw your attention to the recent publication of a book

compiled by Al Hidell and Joan d'Arc entitled

'The New Conspiracy Reader'

This superb soft-back book contains a series of intense and informative essays by regular contributors to 'Paranoia' magazine.   I have two essays published in this volume: "Sol B: The Messianic Star" and "Occult Symbolism of Nibiru, the Planet of the Cross(X)ing".  There are two other essays about Planet X by Joan d'Arc and William Patrick Bourne, creating an eclectic and unique mix of information about the Planet X phenomenon.

Here's the write-up on the back-over:

"Ever wondered if you're being told the hole truth about supernatural phenomena, new developments in biological and chemical warfare, and atrocities like Heaven's Gate?  This all-new anthology features 31 provocative and engrossing articles from the pages of Paranoia, the world's most popular and respected conspiracy journal.  For the first time, you'll get the real story behind the important cultural and political events that shape our world, including:

Compelling, controversial and featuring a wealth of documentation and sources, The New Conspiracy Reader will convince you that the truth is indeed out there and may be stranger than you ever imagined.

"Weirdness on a grand scale...A dizzying web of connections!" - The Village Voice

Here's a link to Amazon if you are interested in obtaining a copy:

"The New Conspiracy Reader"

Published by Citadel Press, Kensington Publishing Corp, New York

Price U.S. $18.95