Reg Presley in Gloucester

August 2003

Reg is best known as lead singer/song-writer with the band 'The Troggs'.  He has been a UFO and Crop Circle researcher for 13 years, and has recently published a book called 'Wild Things They Don't Tell Us'.  His passion for the subject shows through in the book, and his candid presentation at the City Museum in Gloucester left no one in any doubt about his commitment to finding the Truth.

The talk took place on one of the hottest days Britain has ever experienced, yet people travelled from far and wide to hear Reg give his lecture.  Remarkably, one chap from Botswana was there, although he didn't travel to the UK just for this event, of course!  The people who had braved the hot conditions were rewarded with 2 hours of fascinating anecdotes, stories, inside information and opinion.  Reg covered a great deal of ground, from alchemy and monatomic gold, to UFOs and religion.  His speaking style is not unlike Billy Connelly, heading off at tangents and then circling round to where he left off.

Phamie McDonald and Reg Presley in Gloucester

There was much food for thought, and some sublime insights...Free energy, brow ridges, the age-old tactics of the Church, the 3-day week, and the real Ray Santilli behind that Alien Autopsy footage.  Great stuff.  But perhaps the best part was Reg's endearing personality.  He is a most likeable chap, yet displays cutting and sometimes acidic wit.  He may come across as a cynic sometimes, but his passion for the truth, and his belief that what knowledge we have lost may one day be returned to us, shine through.



Reg Presley has encountered many strange things in his life. As the lead singer of top rock band The Troggs and creator of such worldwide hits as 'Wild Thing' and 'Love is All Around' he has lived the rock star life to its full - with all the oddities and the crazy stories that it entails.  But nothing that he encountered on the road is as wild and mind-blowing as the extraterrestrial forces that he truly believes permeate the world in which we live.

In this sensational book, Reg details the wild things that he believes the government secretly know about, but will go to the most extraordinary lengths to stop you and me finding out.  He provides utterly compelling evidence to suggest that our planet has been visited, on a number of well-documented occasions, by visitors from faraway galaxies.

The presence of these alien travellers manifests itself in many ways, including the previously unexplained crop-circles that appear all over our country as if from nowhere.  Reg also reveals his major scientific ideas that suggest that the earth is gradually changing shape - a discovery that will have dramatic consequences in the not-too-distant future.  Reg Presley's notions - like most of the truly groundbreaking theories throughout history - may seem incredible.  But read his book, and you might just find yourself wondering if the faceless authorities who control our lives are letting us know everything - or if there really are wild things they don't tell us...


‘Wild Things They Don’t Tell Us’

by Reg Presley

Metro Publishing

ISBN 978-1843580737


We at ‘Cosmic Conspiracies’ attended a lecture by Reg Presley a couple of years ago, at a conference organised by our good friends Tom and Kerry Blower.  At that point I’d heard of Reg Presley as the rock star who was into UFOs.  His lecture was certainly not what I expected.  It was, in short, brilliant.  It was witty, thought-provoking, eccentric and, above all, full of the kind of home truths that others lesser mortals fear to mutter.  I was mightily impressed, not least by the way the audience responded to Reg.  I think it helps that he is political and anti-establishment; his Rock ‘n’ Roll days are clearly in his blood.

I was concerned that Reg’s book would not live up to that ‘live’ performance; that he would inevitably sell out when delivering the written word of Truth.  I should not have doubted him.  This book is every bit as good as his talk.  Like Billy Connelly after a few pints, it rambles around, pulling out anecdotes and shooting form the hip at will, then somehow returns to the theme of the book before the reader becomes too mesmerised.  Its erratic delivery kept on making me want to turn the next page to see what wild things Reg was going to come up with next.  I was impressed by the material about monatomic gold, a subject that, as an ex-research chemist, I had been pretty sceptical about before.  Above all I loved the way Reg delivered the numerous paranormal accounts in ‘Wild Things’; he is a born story-teller.  And I think I can predict that 2004 will be a big year for Reg (he’ll know what I mean).

I suspect that the uninitiated member of the public who decides to dip into a little Ufology by reading good old Reg Presley’s book is going to find a lot of this stuff a little hard to take.  They may just feel a little overwhelmed by the bomb-blast effect on their cosy paradigm. 

'Wild Things' is like the Niagara Falls of paranormal story-telling: sweeping through UFOs, Crop Circles, alchemy, politics and religion, often in a highly controversial manner.  This allows Reg to maintain a great pace, and I found myself not wanting to put the book down.

The informed reader is going to find plenty of new stories and insights, although they may recognise one or two faux pas along the way. 

But here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter!  Because the work is a charismatic and political one, challenging the orthodox mindset to question itself and repent of its sin of mental sloth.  After all, other authors have written technically accurate and scientific works that have sadly moved us no further on.

By contrast, in the War of Hearts and Minds, this book kicks butt.



Book review by Andy Lloyd, 13th June 2003

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