Cosmic Conspiracies were recently watching the UFO WEBCAM that is set up at Bonnybridge in Scotland, ( a place that has witnessed many UFO encounters in the past few years. The camera takes a picture every 5 minutes and the site asks for anyone to take snaps of anything unusual. Well, as you can see by the pictures here, there was definitely something 'weird' in the skies above Bonnybridge on the 7th and 8th of June, 2001. We first observed this object on the 7th of June at about 6.15 pm. So we saved several pictures as they were uploaded. Unfortunately we had to go out around 7pm, but found that on our return 2 hours later, the object was still there. You'll notice that the object gradually disappeared around 10 0'clock, but re-appeared the next day in a different location, and disappeared around 7.20pm. We also decided to look at some other webcams on the net and came across another interesting shot from the Isles of Scilly webcam. If you look carefully, you will spot 4 black orbs in the sky. If you look at our blown-up picture of one of the orbs you will see that a heat trail is coming off of it!

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The picture below is taken from the webcam at the Isles of Scilly. What are the 4 black orbs?
This is a blow-up of the 2 orbs in the right of the above picture. Note how a heat signature is visible around the objects! Also note how they are completely black and do not reflect the Sun whatsoever.