By Andy Lloyd ©

So far our examination of the 12th Planet theory has brought forth a number of new ideas:

1.  The 12th Planet is in fact a failed star, called a brown dwarf, that gives out sufficient heat and light to support intelligent life on one of its moons / planets.  It is currently located far out in the void, but modern astronomical techniques could soon bring about its discovery.  Some astronomers have recently calculated its presence from statistical data regarding long period comets.  The hunt is on.

2.  This brown dwarf is the legendary Nibiru, the Celestial Usurper or Lord of the Sumerians.  The gods of the ancient and pre-diluvial worlds came from here and established working cities on the Earth, with the express intention of mining for gold.  They created mankind, temporarily went into orbit during the flood 12,500 years ago, and then watched mankind expand over the globe.  Eventually, humans were everywhere and the Annunaki abandoned Earth in 3760, when Nibiru again passed through the asteroid belt.  This marked the start of civilisation without the gods, hence why the Hebrews declared this year the start of the world.

3.The Annunaki visited the Earth during the next passage of the brown dwarf through the Solar System, seeding one of their own amongst the Hebrews to create an evolutionary change in our development.  He was, of course, Jesus and his divine birth occurred amidst the appearance of Nibiru in the heavens, known now as the Star of Bethlehem.  He rejoined his immortal brethren on Ascension Day in a UFO type encounter.  Being less than mortal, he was saved from death during the crucifixion, although cursing his father for abandoning him amongst the men of Earth.

4. Given the date of the birth of Christ as 4 B.C. and the lack of a Year Zero, we can calculate the periodicity of Nibiru as 3756 Earth years.  The Sumerian calendrical and numbering system are based around this number of Earth years, but were simplified to the approximation 3600 years to fit into their sexagessimal numbering system.

5. These theories bring Christianity into the context of ancient Mesopotamian teachings, and explain the revelation of the Second Coming of the Lord.  That is, the ĎLordí is the brown dwarf, which will reach perihelion once more in 3751 A.D.

That is not the end of the story, however.  If the Annunaki only visit the Earth when Nibiru is in the Solar System, then they cannot be capable of true inter-stellar flight.  Given that Jesus Christ was approximately 35 years old at the time of the resurrection, it follows that the home world of his father was far out into the void by the time of his ascension.  This begs the question, where would he have gone?  It is possible that he simply disappeared into the underground anti-Rome Judean movement following a dramatic UFO encounter staged by the Annunaki?  Or perhaps the Annunakiís presence in the inner Solar System was, or is, not unique to the Earth.


Many researchers have studied the anomalous features of the Cydonia region on Mars and been shocked at the similarity of its lay-out with monuments on Earth, for example, Avebury in England.  Although this seems impossible, the realisation that a prehistoric civilisation on Earth was capable of advanced space-flight could open the door to possible bases on other planets in the Solar System.  The Annunakiís method of construction and patterns of their monuments would be the same, so Cydonia could be one of their cities.  The Face, if proven to be of artificial construction, could be a beacon to a Space-faring Mankind to alert us to their presence on Mars.

Given the anomalous structures on Mars and our lack of success at exploring the Red Planet, is it too much to ask whether they are still present, biding their time until Nibiru sweeps around again?  Could this explain our increasingly militarised activities in space, and the bizarre nature of the loss of our Mars probes?  Is this the real reason why so much parody and ridicule has been heaped on Ufology by the governments of the world, to hide the shocking revelations regarding our origins and continued presence of our creators?  Perhaps the Big Secret is wilder than anyone thought.  It speaks of Armageddon, the wars between gods and men.  Our very existence as children of the gods is a precarious and vulnerable one; abandoned to our fate with only minimal supervision every 3756 years.  Are we ready to renew our ancient symbiotic relationship with them, this time on our terms?  Perhaps these thoughts help to explain why the Pathfinder probe on the surface of Mars is in the shape of a Pyramid;  NASA and the N.W.O. were offering a message of peace in the form of the Annunakiís favoured architecture.  Were the loss of  this yearís Mars probes the Annunakiís answer?