By Andy Lloyd ©

Many people will be aware of the work of Erich Von Daniken regarding ancient astronauts.  Another theorist of the same genre is the scholar Zecharia Sitchin.  He is one of the few people to be able to de-cipher cunieform script, the written language of the world’s most ancient historical civilisation.  His studies of the masses of records left to us by the Sumerians, the Mesopotamian peoples who seemed to invent civilisation overnight, have lead him to an incredible, but inescapable conclusion.

It would appear that this ancient civilisation was the gift of a god-like race of extra-terrestrials that had set up a working colony on Earth many thousands of years ago.  The incredible stories relate to their creation of man as a slave worker, as well as the Deluge that wiped out most of their initial civilisation on our planet.  Essentially, the Bible and the Vedas are historical documents which are consistent with this rendition of our past when read literally.

Many people will find all this very hard to swallow, even offensive.  But Sitchin has offered a number of astronomical predictions, which have since been found to be true.  These were based upon the Sumerian teachings of the nature of our Solar System, which describe the intervention of a celestial usurper in the early Solar System.  This runs as follows: 4 billion years ago the Solar System looked different to how it does now.  Earth wasn’t here at all, instead a larger watery planet that they called Tiamat orbited between Mars and Jupiter.  The usurper was a “lordly” planet, called Nibiru, which was roaming through outer space when its trajectory drew it into the Solar System. It knocked a few of the outer planets about a bit in a game of gravitational billiards, before one of its entourage of moons had a full-on collision with Tiamat.  The result was that Tiamat was torn asunder, ejecting water into the Solar System and propelling the remains into a closer orbit to the Sun.

This became the Earth, with the planet-sized Moon just about remaining in orbit around its now diminutive master. The ejected water followed the path of Nibiru and became the comets.  The other ejecta from the collision became the asteroid field, and the “hole in the belly of Earth” became the great primordial ocean occupying over one half of the planet.  Nibiru remained in a captured orbit around the Sun, spending most of the time in the cometary clouds. Once every 3600 years it appears in our skies whilst at the perihelion of its elongated, elliptical passage between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter…the place of the Crossing.

Nibiru was known as the 12th planet by the Sumerians, as they counted the nine we currently recognise, as well as the Sun and our Moon, as planets.  Sitchin used the data from the ancient scripts to correctly predict what Neptune would look like prior to Voyagers historic fly-by.  The final prediction is the discovery of Nibiru itself, a huge planet, behaving like a long-range comet, currently slowly moving the cold reaches of space.

Needless to say, the gods came down to us from the 12th Planet and created us in their image.  Sitchin’s work is scholarly and comprehensive, although sometimes a little difficult.  I would recommend “Genesis Revisited” as a book to dip into his theory. His more scholarly Earth Chronicles series is hardly bed-time reading, although comprehensive and impressive.

I have offered an alternative astronomical possibility to the 12th Planet in the “Brown Dwarf” page herein.